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Existing in or as part of a tradition; long-established.
  1. 'There are also schools, a traditional market and a fish market nearby.'
  2. 'In the African traditional context, children belonged to the whole society.'
  3. 'I'm beginning to feel sorry for the poor sincere red state schmucks who believe in all this traditional values stuff.'
  4. 'Swinging on the cot the womenfolk and children used to sing traditional folk songs and enjoy the rides.'
  5. 'Will the campaign then seek to campaign on, say, abortion, divorce, capital punishment, and other traditional family values?'
  6. 'The new service would not replace the more traditional existing service which would continue to be held on Sundays, he stressed.'
  7. 'One of the real ‘old stock’, she was devoted to her faith and traditional ways and values.'
  8. 'It is more contemporary now, but they began with their existing traditional service.'
  9. 'The long-established, traditional view is that they are distinct.'
  10. 'Some of these men are looking for wives with traditional values, and some of these women are looking for husbands with economic security.'
  11. 'The Easter Bunny was let out for a seasonal hop as traditional values continue to decline under this most materialistic of governments.'
  12. 'a traditional fish soup'
  13. 'It is, however, a cause for concern that Keralites are moving away from their traditional diet of fish towards meat, he says.'
  14. 'Thai-style baked salmon accompanied by fragrant papaya salad is followed by a mouthwatering traditional Nonya Ikan fish curry.'
  15. 'It's the roots that are used to make the traditional kava drink consumed by Pacific Islanders.'
  16. 'For many, a visit to Whitby would not be the same without sitting down at one of the check-clothed tables to sample a traditional meal of fish and chips.'
  17. 'Mention you'd like omakase or you'd like to try some traditional fish or Japanese dishes.'
  18. 'He sieves the pulp to get rid of the skin and drinks it in a traditional wooden cuia bowl. ‘Assai is very nutritious,’ he says.'
  19. 'It is a traditional drink of infants, invalids, and tennis players at Wimbledon.'
  20. 'After the stirrup cup traditional drink the hunt moved off for Ballymullen.'
  21. 'the traditional drinks in the clubhouse'
  22. 'Major attractions of the mela were the traditional drinks like khus, gulab and badam sherbet, milk shakes and thandai.'
  23. 'Fortunately stumping up for two lots of traditional 19th hole drinks rounds didn't put too big a dent in the Barton household budget.'
  24. 'We had the traditional kids' party, children's party at the White House.'
  25. 'The conservative alliance goes beyond clerics and traditional leaders.'
  26. 'Thus, now is the best time for all traditional leaders to start educating their subjects on the importance of storing their crops properly.'
  27. 'While America was finishing up its summer of love in 1968, she was born into a very traditional family in the tiny village of Citta di Castello in Umbria.'
  28. 'Critics of the bill have raised fears that the traditional leaders will take the land from the people and sell it to developers.'
  29. 'He was one of the last traditional farmers of his time having reached his eighties being born around the time when this country became independent.'
  30. 'The method often seems particularly drastic because it runs against the common idea of the non-action principle of traditional Buddhists.'
  31. 'The traditional teacher has a careful belief that it is better to start with what is easier and work towards what is more difficult.'
  32. 'Blocks, rules, regulations, legalities, traditions and traditional people may come in your path.'
  33. 'This leads to an extended discussion of improvisation, with particular reference to traditional jazz.'
  34. 'Lovers of traditional jazz who want to take another step into the music might want to open their ears to this.'
  35. 'Jazz fans throughout the world are aware of the very significant role he has played in the traditional jazz scene.'
  36. 'In the unpretentious clubs like the Preservation Hall, traditional jazz lives on.'
  37. 'They combine traditional big band jazz with marabi sounds and confirm the band's excellent reputation built up over the years.'
  38. 'As the cast and crew mingled with the crowd of eager reporters a traditional jazz quartet kept the festivities going.'
  39. 'They can expect traditional jazz and pop music, played in a traditional jazz vein.'
  40. 'The group seem to be moving further away from traditional jazz solos into a more integrated instrumental sound.'


1. of or relating to tradition.

2. handed down by tradition.

3. in accordance with tradition.

4. of, relating to, or characteristic of the older styles of jazz, especially New Orleans style, Chicago style, Kansas City style, and Dixieland.Compare mainstream (def 5).

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"halls can be traditional in things."

"works can be traditional in portraits."

"works can be traditional in lifeses."

"works can be traditional in landscapes."

"turkeys can be traditional as pies."

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