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Throw (something) somewhere lightly or casually.
  1. with two objects 'she tossed me a box of matches'
  2. 'Three middle-aged men hold their fags in their mouths as they casually toss their plastic chips on to the numbered grid at their fingertips.'
  3. '‘I'll pack your stuff,’ Kit said, while tossing her bag lightly onto the bed from the desk.'
  4. 'But, you don't have to go far before you see someone casually toss a sweet wrapper or half-eaten lolly onto the ground.'
  5. 'I reached home and casually tossed the baggie onto a table.'
  6. 'Mac tossed his duffel bag onto one of the two beds in their rented room, then glanced around.'
  7. 'He pulled out a soccer jersey and casually tossed it to Jason.'
  8. 'The doctor slumps back in his chair, and casually tosses his glasses onto the paper-stacked desk.'
  9. 'Inevitably my stepfather would pull a box of Entenmann's doughnuts out of a brown paper bag and toss it onto the counter.'
  10. 'Nodding firmly, Junko casually tossed the dress back into the box and followed her uncle into the kitchen.'
  11. 'He casually tossed a knife into the air, and it was that motion that caught Kim's attention.'
  12. 'Zimmerman was tossed to the ground and was hit slightly by a passing horse when he attempted to get to the inside rail.'
  13. 'we could just toss a coin'
  14. 'For example, after tossing a coin many times, it will land ‘heads up’ nine times in a row.'
  15. 'I wondered how many of them had been granted, and momentarily debated whether or not tossing in a coin would help my situation.'
  16. 'Imagine tossing a coin until it lands heads-up, and suppose that the payoff grows exponentially according to the number of tosses you make.'
  17. 'Archie is an indecisive Englishman who can only make a decision after tossing a coin.'
  18. 'If you were a quantum mechanic tossing a coin, it would land on the table, but no particular side would be facing up until you looked at it.'
  19. 'Burnett and Skyner milked the applause, shook hands, sent over a few practice swings and tossed up for who was going first.'
Move or cause to move from side to side or back and forth.
  1. with object 'the yachts were tossed around like toys in the harbour'
  2. 'Others tossed and turned to catch the elusive sleep.'
  3. 'Christopher tossed and turned throughout the evening, dreaming and waking and starting the cycle over again.'
  4. 'Sierra tossed and turned, begging for sleep that refused to come.'
  5. 'I tossed and turned all night, tired but unable to sleep.'
  6. 'She tossed and turned in bed and finally gave up, getting out of bed to check her email, and a possible update from either Noelle or Jean.'
  7. 'I tossed and turned, not due to any specific problem, but in retrospect, I realize I was worried about him going to school.'
  8. 'I could tell his leg was broken by the way it didn't move with the rest of him as he tossed and turned, I could tell it was hurting just to do so.'
  9. 'She tossed and turned before eventually falling asleep.'
  10. 'So he tossed and turned, pretending to awaken, then feigned surprise at seeing the lady of the castle upon opening his eyes.'
  11. 'Jane tossed and turned for thirty so minutes, not able to find the right position, and unable to settle because of the thunder storm.'
  12. 'I tossed and turned last night, waking every 2 hours hoping that it was morning, praying that it wasn't.'
  13. 'she stood up, tossing her hair out of her eyes'
  14. 'I leaned over the windowsill, tossing my beautiful head of hair, giggling madly at something my best friend Eira had said.'
  15. 'Morgan's lips twisted and he tossed his sandy brown hair out of his face.'
  16. 'Ivy stood up with her curvy hour glass figure and tossed her long blonde hair.'
  17. 'She tossed her long hair backwards and gallantly stood awaiting my reaction.'
  18. 'She was just exiting the bathroom as she tossed her hair backwards.'
  19. 'She tosses her head to flip her hair out of her eyes.'
  20. 'Andy twisted her lips in a wry smile and tossed her dyed black hair over her shoulder.'
  21. 'She stared at him flatly, tossing her head to get her hair out of her eyes.'
  22. 'My mother's bobbed hair blew into her face, and she tossed her head to make it fly back in place.'
  23. 'He nodded sharply, inadvertently tossing hair into his face.'
  24. 'Shake skillet, tossing beans to coat with oil, garlic, and breadcrumbs.'
  25. 'Tony was first, taking the order from the cashier, getting the dough, tossing the pizza, and passing it to Antonia, Tony's sister.'
  26. 'Slowly sautéed pearl onions are tossed with walnuts, splashed with fig vinegar, and showered with snipped fresh savory.'
  27. 'Drain octopus, place in a mixing bowl and pour over enough dressing until the octopus is just coated; toss lightly.'
  28. 'Later, the girls all sat down for a rather light meal consisting of chicken, curry, tossed salad, and baked potatoes.'
  29. 'Tip the mussels and their juices into the frying pan, tossing well to coat.'
  30. 'Add in the buckwheat, the vegetables and the pain d' épice, and toss lightly to coat, making sure the ingredients are nicely blended.'
  31. 'There's usually macaroni salad, but you toss tuna in that and everyone is happy.'
  32. 'Try tossing kidney beans into salads, soups, stews or stir-fries.'
  33. 'Transfer the meat into a casserole, then quickly toss the onions and carrots in the fat.'
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    An act or instance of tossing something.
    1. 'the toss of a coin'
    2. 'I quickly scooped him up and dropped him into his tank of pure spring water so he didn't dry out but I didn't see this lasting long unless he started to win the home-turf advantage coin tosses.'
    3. 'Such a graph reveals that for the spins and velocities typically encountered in coin tosses, tiny changes in initial conditions make the difference between heads and tails.'
    4. 'Participants were told either that they would be betting on two blocks of six coin tosses, or on two blocks of seven.'
    5. 'Consider a person who is betting on coin tosses and the prior outcomes were Heads, Tails, Tails, Heads, Heads, Heads.'
    6. 'The reason is that H and T represent heads and tails in a sequence of coin tosses.'
    7. 'He blocked errant pitches in the dirt, expertly framed borderline tosses, turning them into strikes and worked masterfully with pitchers.'
    8. 'Come on, this whodunit tale is quite engrossing with its frequent tosses, turns and twists.'
    9. 'Like coin tosses, there may be no salient causation to be discerned in the outcomes.'
    10. 'I love coin tosses and am thinking about starting a website dedicated solely to documenting each and every coin toss result from each and every sporting event in the history of the world.'
    11. 'Somerset won the toss and chose to bat'
    12. 'John won the toss of a coin to present the first program, but this soon gave way to a single compère a year later.'
    13. 'Bulgaria won the quarter-final over Israel in Soccer at the 1968 Mexico Olympics in which the deciding factor was the toss of the coin.'
    14. 'In the first game Kilkenny won the toss, served first and made an ace on the serve to lead one nil.'
    15. 'In six completed matches in the series also involving England, the team winning the toss have gone on to win each match with reasonable ease.'
    16. 'I think the team that wins the coin toss wins the game about 75% of the time.'
    17. 'While we played five and lost five in that competition, I think that's a misleading stat because we lost all five tosses, which were crucial, yet were only 30 runs adrift in almost all of the games.'
    18. 'In the last 20 Tests at Bridgetown the team winning the toss has elected to bat only three times.'
    19. 'It goes without saying any team which wins the toss will choose to bat.'
    20. 'True, a people's referendum would need careful design to ensure people do not have to vote every week, and that they vote on meaningful questions, not blind tosses between bitter and acid.'
    21. 'They won the toss and chose bravely to bat first.'

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    1. to throw, pitch, or fling, especially to throw lightly or carelessly: to toss a piece of paper into the wastebasket.

    2. to throw or send from one to another, as in play: to toss a ball.

    3. to throw or pitch with irregular or careless motions; fling or jerk about: The ship was tossed by waves.

    4. to agitate, disturb, or disquiet.

    5. to throw, raise, or jerk upward suddenly: She tossed her head disdainfully.

    6. to sp

    More examples(as adjective)

    "names can be tossed into rings."

    "homes can be tossed."

    "backs can be tossed."

    "salads can be tossed."

    "rifles can be tossed."

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    (toss)Early 16th century: of unknown origin.


    toss something off
    toss (someone or oneself) off