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A thin rectangular slab of baked clay or other material, used in overlapping rows for covering roofs.
  1. 'Clay and concrete roofing tiles are generally available in two shapes: profile and flat.'
  2. 'Clay or terracotta tiles are among the most eye-catching and characteristic roofing materials used in medieval buildings.'
  3. 'Mud-and-straw bricks and clay roof tiles are free and available, and people save labor costs by building their own homes.'
  4. 'They have warned that distraction burglaries occur when con artists offer to repair roofs, replace tiles and fix other weather damage.'
  5. 'Most of the homes of poor rural people are made of local materials, with floors of packed earth, walls of adobe or wattle and daub, and roofs of clay tiles or thatch.'
  6. 'Unlike some other roofing products, clay roof tiles maintain their color over time.'
  7. 'Remove enough of the roof shingles, tiles, gravel, or other roofing material down to the tar paper.'
  8. 'Rusted sheet metal, asphaltic roofing, old boards, or slate tiles are other roofing alternatives.'
  9. 'Local limestone and red clay roof tile recall the older buildings but express modern construction methods.'
  10. 'Joseph beckoned to the leader, gesturing for him to enter his house, which was much nicer than the average mud huts of the villagers, being made of wood with thin tiles on the roofs.'
  11. 'plain tiles in the kitchen will help to create a sense of space'
  12. 'A good tile design idea is to choose contrasting colors for the floor tiles and wall tiles.'
  13. 'Standard features include fitted kitchens with Italian floor and wall tiles, fully tiled bathrooms and video security systems.'
  14. 'Most homes now have double glazing and efficient central heating so more and more of us are laying wall and floor tiles with stunning effects.'
  15. 'These repair techniques can be used on vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet floor covering or linoleum.'
  16. 'This includes wall and floor tiles, closet, washbasin with pedestal and associated fittings.'
  17. 'The walls are part tiled and there are cork tiles on the floor.'
  18. 'Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these stones can also be mounted within existing floor or wall tiles.'
  19. 'The accommodation is completed by a family bathroom with white floor tiles and part-tiled walls.'
  20. 'The heat is conducted through the metal casings of the tiles to the floor surface.'
  21. 'Beside this, the bathroom has an attractive design scheme with varnished wooden floors, mosaic wall tiles and glass bricks.'
  22. 'Like ‘solution’ or the blank tiles in Scrabble, you can use it anywhere, though it adds no other value.'
  23. 'She had the scrabble tiles in a Seagram's blue flannel bag with a gold cord.'
  24. 'And if anyone can tell me why my beautiful scrabble tiles don't show up, I'd be well chuffed.'
  25. 'Participants are requested to bring their own scrabble boards and tiles.'
  26. 'To qualify, they had to work in a phrase the way a blank tile works in Scrabble: you can use it anywhere, but it has no value.'
  27. 'Pai Gow Tiles is an intricate game that is played with a set of 32 tiles or dominoes.'
  28. 'There are about half a dozen types of tiles in the game, each of which is scored differently.'
  29. 'Glue magnets to the back of Scrabble game tiles to turn the box's lid into a message board.'
  30. 'The unique aspect of this game derives from the variable value of the tiles played.'
  31. 'In the old days the alley resounded to the click of mah-jongg tiles and fan-tan, a gambling game from which it derives its name.'
  32. 'Until recently, it was thought that there were no flat tilings that had five-fold symmetry, until Penrose discovered two tiles that do!'
  33. 'This can be done with modifications of Penrose's tile, as with the simple example shown in Figure 8.'


Cover with tiles.
  1. 'Now I can tile a floor, something I couldn't do before.'
  2. 'The utility room is fully tiled and has a selection of laundry cupboards as well as a washer-dryer.'
  3. 'These rooms are extensively tiled and have windows to both the front and side.'
  4. 'After that it was plain sailing to tile half the room.'
  5. 'The fully fitted pine kitchen is tiled and has a large storage cupboard as well as a smaller utility press.'
  6. 'This room retains its original tiled fireplace and is fitted with a double wardrobe.'
  7. 'This room is partially tiled in white and there is a large sash window overlooking the back garden.'
  8. 'The family bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling and includes a bath with shower and some storage space.'
  9. 'A shower room is situated between these two bedrooms and is tiled in ornate ceramics.'
  10. 'This one makes you want to start tiling every roof.'
  11. 'Another shrinks the open windows and tiles them in a non-overlapping arrangement so you can see all of them at once.'
  12. 'View all your open windows by tiling them.'

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1. covered or furnished with tiles.

2. barred to outsiders, as nonmembers of a lodge.

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"floors can be tiled."

"roofs can be tiled."

"walls can be tiled."

"surrounds can be tiled."

"halls can be tiled."

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Old English tigele, from Latin tegula, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘cover’.


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