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A large, densely packed crowd of people or animals.
  1. 'a throng of birds'
  2. 'We made our way through the throngs of pilgrims gathered about the sanctuary to be healed.'
  3. 'The band launches in to their first song and the crowd is a throng of jumping bodies.'
  4. 'A throng of supporters, packed around the boxing ring, pushes forward straining to see the fight.'
  5. 'A Michael Stewart free-kick saw the youngster stick out his foot to direct the ball through a throng of bodies and into Alistair Brown's net.'
  6. 'The throngs of rockers packing into the Tequila Lounge on Friday night didn't seem to care that the show was being put on as a ‘blatant marketing ploy’ by the Toronto Star.'
  7. 'Large throngs of protestors soon gathered and rallied in Edison.'
  8. 'He headed to nearby Ford Field, Lansing, Michigan, where a throng of press had gathered for the arrival.'
  9. 'Becker's testimony, given in German, was carried live on German television and a throng of journalists packed the courthouse for the proceedings.'
  10. 'Addressing the throngs of media gathered outside the courthouse, Crown spokesman Geoff Gaul said there was nothing unusual about the proceedings.'
  11. 'Whether Times Square is worth visiting depends on how you feel about being forced along with throngs of crowds to see streets full of kitschy souvenir shops and neon signs crammed into every corner.'


(of a crowd) fill or be present in (a place or area)
  1. 'the pavements are thronged with people'
  2. 'Thus the wonderful vaulted ceiling of the dawning room is thronged with birds while its walls are painted with Aesop's fables, Lady's Bute bedroom offer interesting contrasts in style and comfort.'
  3. 'Great crowds thronged the town over the weekend including several visitors.'
  4. 'In summer its narrow streets are thronged with tour buses, its bars and restaurants noisy with the polyglot banter of tourists from Idaho, Oslo and Moscow.'
  5. '‘The area is thronged with people during the day but because of fears about their safety at night, they disappear,’ said one.'
  6. 'Operations in the Plastic Surgery Section of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital are in full swing and the waiting room is thronged with young people waiting for cosmetic surgery.'
  7. 'A record crowd thronged the streets of Castlecomer on the first day of the new millennium.'
  8. 'The place was thronged with people, all quietly enjoying the moment.'
  9. 'He is enthused by the huge crowds thronging the place on the first day of the festival and fervently hopes that the flow would continue at the same pace.'
  10. 'Meanwhile, York city centre remained busy over the holiday weekend with crowds thronging the streets and pubs, and street entertainers drawing crowds.'
  11. 'The pavements were thronged with people, all hurrying along dragging their Christmasses home in carrier bags.'
  12. 'Thousands still thronged to his house to listen to him speak before he flew off to Munich, Germany.'
  13. 'During the early days of its operation in 1998, customers thronged into the store.'
  14. 'Despite concerns about consumer confidence and a weaker economy, shoppers thronged to Arnotts during 2001, removing any prospect of a dip in earnings.'
  15. 'They thronged to his office so as to kiss his hand and receive blessings before returning to their chanting.'
  16. 'The disclosure came as spectators thronged through the gates to face the prospect of random body searches for the first time in the tournament's history.'
  17. 'Doubts about the success of such a risky venture were soon put on the backburner as cinemagoers thronged to cinema halls.'
  18. 'Not surprisingly, all these outlets are swarming with customers who throng from different parts of city.'
  19. 'The United defence thronged into the middle for some reason, allowed Wright to send a ball back to Mitchell who was by this time trotting, unaccompanied, into the box.'
  20. 'Happy inhabitants throng with tourists, all very convivial.'
  21. 'Meanwhile, traumatised survivors are thronging to mosques and the few psychiatric wards as they try to grapple with the mental shocks of Kashmir's devastating earthquake.'

More definitions

1. a multitude of people crowded or assembled together; crowd.

2. a great number of things crowded or considered together: a throng of memories.

3. Chiefly Scot. pressure, as of work. verb (used without object)

4. to assemble, collect, or go in large numbers; crowd. verb (used with object)

5. to crowd or press upon; jostle.

6. to fill or occupy with or as with a crowd: He thronged the picture with stars.

7. to bring or drive together into or as into a crowd, heap, or co

More examples(as adjective)

"streets can be throng with people."

"streets can be throng."

"places can be throng."


Old English (ge)thrang ‘crowd, tumult’, of Germanic origin. The early sense of the verb ( Middle English) was ‘press violently, force one's way’.