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(of a person or their behaviour) not showing consideration for the needs of other people.
  1. 'For those of us living in quiet, residential parts of the borough, where parking attendants are never seen, the actions of some thoughtless people are endangering lives.'
  2. 'Lucy sat, mentally reprimanding herself for being such a thoughtless friend.'
  3. 'Isn't it dreadful to see all the hard work by so many people being undone by a small bunch of thoughtless individuals.'
  4. 'At present he is doing well, is a happy boy and loves the school, and its superb caring teachers - what right have these mean-minded, thoughtless characters to take it all away?'
  5. 'The thoughtless selfishness of politicians really disgusts me.'
  6. 'A wheelchair-bound resident has been stopped from leaving her home by thoughtless motorists.'
  7. 'I hope the people responsible read this and realise how distressing their thoughtless behaviour is, particularly for people with pets.'
  8. 'I thought it was kind of thoughtless of her to bring that subject up now, especially if she thought I liked Jake.'
  9. 'You will soon understand my feelings towards thoughtless drivers and their mobile phones.'
  10. 'But the players have also suffered from thoughtless motorists churning up the pitch by driving cars on it apparently for fun.'
Without consideration of the possible consequences.
  1. 'Thoughtless passing and careless play was in evidence at this stage.'
  2. 'They frantically seek acceptance, but rash and thoughtless actions can bring them up short on occasion.'
  3. 'Careless, thoughtless or reckless behaviour is a factor in 14% of crashes'
  4. 'The brazen birds are becoming bolder by the year, encouraged by litter from takeaway meals and thoughtless people who throw them food.'
  5. 'There was a time when I was more thoughtless about the things I said, and I was rebellious.'
  6. 'Wars often come about as a result of aggressive, reckless, thoughtless, and deliberate acts by statesmen.'


1. lacking in consideration for others; inconsiderate; tactless: a thoughtless remark.

2. characterized by or showing lack of thought: a shallow, thoughtless book.

3. not thinking enough; careless or heedless: thoughtless of his health.

4. devoid of or lacking capacity for thought.

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"people can be thoughtless in things."

"people can be thoughtless."

"actions can be thoughtless."

"exploitations can be thoughtless."

"degradations can be thoughtless."

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