Adjective "Thorough" Definition and Examples




    1. executed without negligence or omissions: a thorough search.

    2. complete; perfect; utter: thorough enjoyment.

    3. extremely attentive to accuracy and detail; painstaking: a thorough worker; a thorough analysis.

    4. having full command or mastery of an art, talent, etc.: a thorough actress.

    5. extending or passing through. adverb, preposition

    6. Archaic. through. noun

    7. (initial capital letter) English History. the administrative policies of the Earl of Sta


    "securities can be thorough since eras."

    "regulations can be thorough as varieties."

    "regulations can be thorough as banks."

    "processes can be thorough in places."

    "polices can be thorough in researchs."

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