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The process of considering or reasoning about something.
  1. 'But does this line of thinking mean that we should all live in cities?'
  2. 'They are best developed through regular exposure to assignments that are process oriented and that require critical thinking.'
  3. 'Isn't it technology, for example, which makes new ways of thinking, new ideas and paradigms, possible?'
  4. 'Logical thinking works to your great advantage in most instances.'
  5. 'In the process, they'll learn about generating ideas and stimulating creative thinking.'
  6. 'It is time for some imaginative thinking - new ideas for making public services work better for those who need them most.'
  7. 'The declines in stock prices are the result of foreigners selling Japan short, this thinking goes.'
  8. 'Why have these discredited ways of thinking become so influential once again?'
  9. 'This thinking reflects a new development in British universities.'
  10. 'Make voting more accessible, the thinking goes, and more citizens will vote.'
  11. 'his thinking is reflected in his later autobiography'
  12. 'There are other, more objective factors that will doubtless be shaping his thinking.'
  13. 'Our thinking can reflect the systems and values of the world to the extent that we are controlled by them.'
  14. 'The harder question is how much she influences his thinking and his decisions.'
  15. 'Can you tell us something about these experiences and how they shaped your thinking?'
  16. 'Thank you for taking the time to write the essay, pointing out his short-sighted thinking.'
  17. 'Philip's rhetoric was also existential, and it strongly influenced my thinking.'
  18. 'The observation that stimulated my thinking on this topic was of a humble grammatical phenomenon.'
  19. 'My thinking on this topic has been influenced by stimulating discussions that I have had with social scientists.'
  20. 'I'm going to loft an idea here and I don't want to prejudice your thinking by blurting out any names.'
  21. 'Lincoln knew that the words people habituated themselves to use would influence their thinking.'


Using thought or rational judgement; intelligent.
  1. 'Any thinking person must realise what is happening is wrong.'
  2. 'When my boy grows to become a thinking person, with conscience and sensibility, am I the man I want him to see me as?'
  3. 'No thinking person, with or without faith, can in contemporary life evade this struggle.'
  4. 'This is an insult to educated and rational thinking people of this nation.'
  5. 'It is an example that must be so frightening to any thinking Frenchman.'
  6. 'A production that exudes class from the cast to the slick set changes, Cinderella is this year's thinking kid's pantomime.'
  7. 'He has become a much larger, deeper thinking man, even though nothing about him has changed but the script.'
  8. 'I believe that many thinking people will come back to the Democrats.'
  9. 'It is a play for a thinking audience prepared to be confronted.'


1. rational; reasoning: People are thinking animals.

2. thoughtful; reflective: Any thinking person would reject that plan. noun

3. thought; judgment, reflection: clear thinking.

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"people can be thinking."

"backs can be thinking."

"times can be thinking."

"skills can be thinking."

"processes can be thinking."

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