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With opposite sides or surfaces that are far or relatively far apart.
  1. 'thick metal cables'
  2. 'The burgers they dine on are suitably beefy without being too big, with stacks of thick fries on the side.'
  3. 'I arrived about fifteen minutes early, and leaned against a thick tree, closing my eyes for a moment.'
  4. 'Beneath his arm, he carried a thick, leather-bound book; it's title scrawled on the cover in an embellished silver font.'
  5. 'A thick blanket of snow thwarted the efforts of search and rescue teams hunting for the missing girl yesterday, prolonging the agony for her family.'
  6. 'The room was covered in a thick layer of dust, and it looked as though no one had been there in years, but whoever had been there last was surely not welcome.'
  7. 'The wood floor creaked as they explored the old furniture and boxes that had dust inches thick layering them.'
  8. 'I closed the thick oak door and peered in the little window.'
  9. 'To the south there are high mountains, covered in thick spring snow.'
  10. 'There was a thick layer of dust on the top of the television.'
  11. 'I looked down to see new footprints in the thick layer of dust.'
  12. 'a thick sweater'
  13. 'With the thick gloves on, I couldn't adjust the belt.'
  14. 'They get so excited, those girls, when they get a chance to dress up in their thick scarves.'
  15. 'She watched as he buttoned up his thick coat and pulled gloves onto his hands.'
  16. 'Time to get the thermal long johns out of the dresser and bring my thick socks forward to the front of the drawer.'
  17. 'I wasn't sure where she had gotten them from, but she was now dressed in a thick jacket and pants, with black mittens and boots.'
  18. 'Eventually, he prised himself out of bed, pulled on fur-lined boots, a warm hat and a thick jacket, and wandered outside.'
  19. 'She saw a man carrying a bundle wrapped in thick blankets.'
  20. 'He quickly dressed in a thick sweater and jacket before walking out of his room.'
  21. 'Keyes puts on thick socks to keep her feet warm and curls up informally.'
  22. 'Rebecca toyed with the edge of the thick blanket closest to her face, knowing her sickness would not allow her any sleep.'
  23. 'Her pen drew a nice, thick, black line across a column of handwriting.'
  24. 'On closer inspection, however, the reader would have spotted that the seven columns of adverts were separated by thick black lines.'
  25. 'I've got a problem with I's and L's showing up too thick in my PDFs.'
  26. 'It'll generally be a pretty thick print.'
Made up of a large number of things or people close together.
  1. 'the road winds through thick forest'
  2. 'By dawn, when we can see a little, we realise that we are in the midst of thick forests.'
  3. 'At the end of the three-hour journey, the thick forests thin out revealing a much-used pathway which slopes abruptly to the bed of a nearby river.'
  4. 'He was tall and lanky, with small round glasses and a close cap of thick curls.'
  5. 'His thick eyebrows draw closer to his nose as he smiles with his yellow teeth.'
  6. 'I turned off the paved road into a dirt track, snaking through the thick forest alongside a bubbly creek.'
  7. 'He had a goatee and thick eyebrows that hung over dark eyes.'
  8. 'The road twisted and turned up and around the mountains, and soon I was surrounded by thick forest.'
  9. 'So far the scenery around her had been thick fur trees and dense foliage.'
  10. 'Even though I have pretty simple hair - thick and straight - I'm nervous about how it's going to look.'
  11. 'To Jude she looked like an angel, with her dark locks encircling her face and her eyes closed and edged in thick lashes.'
  12. 'Nelson frowned, his thick eyebrows pulling together into a solid line.'
  13. figurative 'the air was thick with tension'
  14. 'The air is often thick with the perfume of jasmine and orange blossom.'
  15. 'It is one of very few neighbourhoods where the air is thick with the stench of rotting bin bags.'
  16. 'The autumn air is thick with assertions that the Prime Minister's luck is finally running out.'
  17. 'The alley was so thick with smoke that Carter could hardly see the men making it.'
  18. 'The gardens were in full bloom, and the air was thick with the sweet scent of flowers.'
  19. 'It was light, and birds were singing, but the sky was thick with early-morning clouds.'
  20. 'It reminded me of the days when I attended marketing meetings where the air was thick with such terms.'
  21. 'The red rug that covered almost the entire width of the hall was thick with dust.'
  22. 'There was a long silence that hung in the air and made it thick with dread and worry.'
  23. 'I ran out of the bedroom and saw the hallway absolutely thick with black smoke.'
  24. 'a motorway pile-up in thick fog'
  25. 'At one point a section of the harbour was cordoned off amid fears of exploding diesel as thick clouds of smoke and fumes billowed across Cartron Bay.'
  26. 'As well as that nice thick atmosphere, Titan is perpetually covered in clouds.'
  27. 'The blue-gray smoke of cigars thickened the already thick air.'
  28. 'The dust storms are so thick that you just can't even see your hand in front of your face.'
  29. 'Because Titan has a thick atmosphere, able to carry sound waves, the moon is a noisy place.'
  30. 'Television footage showed lava flowing out of the crater while thick clouds of smoke rose upwards and a large fireball burst into the night sky.'
  31. 'It was really weird to walk into this room; it was the only place seemingly in the house that didn't have a thick odor of mildew permeating the air.'
  32. 'Claustrophobia and dread permeate the air like the thick mist around the mansion.'
  33. 'The air was thick and murky, and she began to imagine horrible things coming for her.'
  34. 'They could see an immense mountain that stretched up into heavy thick clouds.'
  35. 'The next day I'm mulling over the view from my window, watching the fat, grey clouds blossom in the thick air, hoping for a storm to clear the mood.'
  36. 'The sound of the ax carried through the thick summer air, and I went to the window, shielding my eyes from the red glare of the sunset.'
  37. 'The forest was filled with dense fog, so thick that I couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me.'
  38. 'The air was thick and heavy, it was going to rain soon.'
  39. 'Rain, heavy cloud cover and thick fog in the area had prompted Albania's prime minister to cancel his own flight to the conference.'
  40. 'They could no longer see the town but they could see thick clouds of smoke wafting up in the distance.'
  41. 'As she gazed out into the expanse she saw nothing of the thick silver fog, or the dark grey water.'
  42. 'The air about them was thick enough to taste and tasting was unavoidable.'
  43. 'It simply continued, going on towards infinity until finally the air itself was so thick as to be opaque.'
  44. 'Stephen woke late, his head thick and his mouth sour'
  45. 'For the last two weeks I have had what seems like the flu: aching bones, a thick head, hot and cold shivers and I've gone off my food.'
(of a liquid or a semi-liquid substance) relatively firm in consistency; not flowing freely.
  1. 'Add salt, pepper and cream and reduce to a thick, creamy consistency.'
  2. 'This is a thick substance that is applied in two coats and will create a water barrier on your wall.'
  3. 'Beat the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract together in a bowl until the mixture is thick and creamy and coats the back of a spoon.'
  4. 'As he pulled his black sweater off, I could see a steady flow of thick red liquid seeping freely from his left shoulder.'
  5. 'Everything seems so far away, and if feels as though I'm dragging myself through thick liquid.'
  6. 'The dough should have the consistency of thick mayonnaise.'
  7. 'Glycerin is a thick liquid with a sweet taste that is found in fats and oils and is the primary triglyceride found in coconut and olive oil.'
  8. 'It was just the right consistency, neither too thick nor too watery, and the eggplant itself was thinly sliced and tender.'
  9. 'If the soup is too thick, add a little water until the desired consistency is achieved.'
  10. 'Return the strained liquid to the saucepan and reduce to a thick syrup.'
  11. 'In some cases, they have been burnt by leaking mustard gas, which, despite its name, is a thick, viscous liquid.'
Of low intelligence; stupid.
  1. 'Up until then I'd just been branded as the thick, stupid farmer's son.'
  2. 'She is nothing but a stupid, old woman with an extremely thick skull, through which nothing can penetrate.'
  3. 'All I could think was that the author must think I'm too slow and thick to work it out for myself.'
  4. 'Was he plain stupid, thick or did he just want to die?'
  5. 'He paused, waiting for the cruel and actually childishly stupid words to sink into my thick brain.'
  6. 'I might be being a bit thick here but I don't get what ‘women like me’ means.'
  7. 'I used to think it was me being stupid and thick; the teachers used to call me that a lot.'
  8. 'He wasn't complaining either; Ashley and Harmony seemed to get along fine, though Mark could tell Harmony thought Ashley was a bit thick.'
(of a voice) not clear or distinct; hoarse or husky.
  1. 'a snarling thick voice'
  2. '‘This isn't really a good time,’ she hiccuped in a thick voice, roughly smearing the tears from her cheek with the palm of her hand.'
  3. 'Debbie's voice was thick and nasal and Ashton felt a stab in the stomach, knowing that his wife had been crying.'
  4. '‘The doctors have given my mother a few days,’ Casey said in a thick, low voice.'
  5. 'Her voice is thick, gritty and powerful, with a big, broad range.'
  6. 'At lunchtime she rang him up, and he answered the phone with a thick voice, as though suffering from a hangover.'
  7. 'Her thick, smoky voice only deepened as she stepped close to me.'
  8. '‘Pray for your mother,’ he said in a thick voice, quite unlike the one he had just used.'
  9. 'Though her voice was thick from tears by the end, she held the tears back.'
  10. 'Adam's voice was thick and his pain-filled eyes met Ben's.'
  11. 'A tall, heavy-set man with a thick accent then reached his hand out toward us.'
  12. 'The actors are especially unhappy about the scene where the asylum seeker meets the English girl's parents and they cannot understand a word he says because of his thick accent.'
  13. 'Finally, I hear a thick Middle Eastern accent asking me what I'd like.'
  14. 'The guy had spoken with a thick accent which made it hard to understand his words.'
  15. 'Plus, my accent was so thick that it was hard for the teachers to understand me.'
  16. 'He realized that the girl had a thick accent, but could not place it.'
  17. 'He speaks with a thick south German accent that is difficult to understand, even if you speak German.'
  18. 'His co-workers didn't have a problem with that, or his thick accent, he said.'
  19. 'The priest's accent is thick, and he falters in his memorized patter about the church's attempts to overcome poverty and prejudice.'
  20. '‘Yeah, you left your bag in my cab,’ he says in a thick Brooklyn accent.'
Having a very close, friendly relationship.
  1. '‘He has a fair chance of success, too, for he seems very thick with Floyd, and it's a good thing to have a friend at headquarters,’ observed the Colonel.'


The most active or crowded part of something.
  1. 'No distance separates the audience from the actors, who mill on the dance floor in the thick of the crowd.'
  2. 'In large part through British manipulation of local politics, the struggle in Kenya became a kind of civil war, with the Home Guard and African police thrown into the thick of it.'
  3. 'Mr Khan, who is the Minister of Works, will no doubt be in the thick of things, and will supervise such enterprises as the widening of roads and the repair of landslides.'
  4. 'Eventually Guy and Mia end up in the thick of battle in Spain.'
  5. 'Nor could the Yorkshire Post tell its readers that soldiers and regiments from the county were in the thick of the battle.'
  6. 'When I last spoke to him on March 23, he said he was in the thick of the action.'
  7. 'The turning point was when James himself, in the thick of the battle, was cut down.'
  8. 'In a few days, or even hours, they could be back in the thick of battle, their crews consumed once more by the thrill of the fear coursing through them as the bullets fly again.'
  9. 'Roger and James also commanded squadrons of their own, and were in the thick of the fighting during the battle.'
  10. 'That and their tendency to concede late goals has put Wanderers right back in the thick of the relegation battle, just when things were looking up.'


In or with deep, dense, or heavy mass.
  1. 'It can be spread thick or thin with a tool or craft stick.'
  2. 'The snow lay thick upon the graves, and the day was cold and dreary.'
  3. 'When they both exhaled, the smoke hung thick in the air.'


1. having relatively great extent from one surface or side to the opposite; not thin: a thick slice.

2. measured, as specified, between opposite surfaces, from top to bottom, or in a direction perpendicular to that of the length and breadth; (of a solid having three general dimensions) measured across its smallest dimension: a board one inch thick.

3. composed of or containing objects, particles, etc., close together; dense: a thick fog; a thick forest. |-

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be thick as thieves."

"airs can be thick with smokes."

"airs can be thick with smells."

"voices can be thick with desires."

"rooms can be thick with smokes."

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Old English thicce, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dik and German dick.


a bit thick
give someone (or get) a thick ear
thick and fast
(as) thick as a brick
(as) thick as thieves
(as) thick as two (short) planks
the thick end of
through thick and thin