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Easily irritated; impatient and somewhat bad-tempered.
  1. 'she could see him growing quite testy beneath that polished urbanity'
  2. 'But, it has to be said that the younger web users can, at times, be a little impetuous and testy, too ready to either take offence, offend or flame.'
  3. 'In the circumstances he might have been forgiven for being a little testy.'
  4. 'From out of nowhere, your boy can snap from cool and calm to angry and testy!'
  5. 'Maybe she's testy because she's not long out of hospital with a viral condition.'
  6. 'My escorts exited the bus and a testy female officer instructed them to walk through a metal detector.'
  7. 'Several campers are surprisingly rude and testy when you attempt to engage them in conversation.'
  8. 'I've just figured out why I've been so testy over the last couple of days - reduced coffee intake.'
  9. 'One could see Martin getting testy, but he had no choice but to answer the questions, which were good questions.'
  10. 'The minute he is questioned, he becomes testy and defensive.'
  11. 'He seems impatient with you, almost testy to the point of animosity.'


1. irritably impatient; touchy.

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"rows can be testy within coalitions."

"relations can be testy."

"relationships can be testy."

"people can be testy."

"exchanges can be testy."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘headstrong, impetuous’): from Anglo-Norman French testif, from Old French teste ‘head’, from Latin testa ‘shell’.