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Showing good aesthetic judgement or appropriate behaviour.
  1. 'The Piccadilly side of the river could, indeed, be made much better with some tasteful development and facilities.'
  2. 'Every year now brings the opening of some tasteful new attraction.'
  3. 'They are simple and tasteful, as I am not a fan of Christmas decorations in general.'
  4. 'Last fall it was all about retro lady-like colour-coordination and tasteful leather.'
  5. 'This might not be an album which turns the world on its head, but it's elegant, tasteful and probably his best yet.'
  6. 'The use of that claim at the beginning of Wolf Creek was not, in my opinion, tasteful or appropriate.'
  7. 'Judgements on what is tasteful and what is not in a burial ground are not easy.'
  8. 'Am I ready for the blandness of tasteful white walls and artistic black and white photographic prints?'
  9. 'The video is about as tasteful and as sensitive as you would imagine it to be.'
  10. 'Her eyes were an impossible pale blue, and were accented by tasteful gold wire-rimmed glasses.'


1. having, displaying, or in accordance with good taste: tasteful clothing; a tasteful room.

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"rooms can be tasteful as rests."

"rooms can be tasteful."

"decors can be tasteful."

"dcors can be tasteful."

"ways can be tasteful."

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