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Having a strong, piquant flavour or smell.
  1. 'Made from a Jamaican herb, the red juice was both tangy and a little sour.'
  2. 'As the door opened and closed I could smell warmth and food and smoke on the tangy sea air.'
  3. 'Master chefs have their hands full preparing a variety of delectable dishes with zany flavours and tangy tastes.'
  4. 'There was also a somewhat spicy red sauce on the side, adding to the fresh, tangy flavours.'
  5. 'My salad was a taste explosion, with the tangy blue cheese, rich ham and tasty peppers fighting for attention.'
  6. 'As the dish is rich, I find it needs a tangy green salad to accompany it.'
  7. 'She could feel the wind blowing against her neck and smell the tangy scent of the ocean drifting on the breeze.'
  8. 'I loaded a couple up with sweet and tangy beetroot salad, and suggested to a waiter that this must be a typical Finnish combination.'
  9. 'The result is a soft-textured, juicy length of cassava with a tangy flavour.'
  10. 'The company's executive chef suggests anchoring your lunch with this tangy salad.'


1. having a tang.

More examples(as adjective)

"doors can be tangy with scents."

"sauces can be tangy."

"cakes can be tangy."

"flavours can be tangy."

"smells can be tangy."

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