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Having the consistency or sweetness of syrup.
  1. 'I've had a lot of anticlimactic hot chocolate drinks lately: they're all syrupy, sickly and goopy.'
  2. 'Prepare the glaze: put the confectioner's sugar in a small bowl, and pour in some lemon juice, a little at a time, whisking until the glaze gets to the right consistency, thick and syrupy.'
  3. 'Add the prunes and simmer at a slight bubble for 20 min, stirring occasionally, or until the prunes are soft and plump and the liquid reduces to a syrupy consistency.'
  4. 'The result will be thick, syrupy and intensely flavorful.'
  5. 'The different components of this strange dish are bathed in thick, syrupy sauces, so when you put them on the hibachi, the air over the table fills with the sugary smell of burnt marshmallows.'
  6. 'If the mixture foams excessively, separates, or becomes syrupy, do not apply.'
  7. 'When cooked, the mescal is a fibrous, sticky, syrupy substance with a flavor similar to molasses.'
  8. 'The sauce should be reduced to a thick syrupy consistency.'
  9. 'And the sweet stuff has become sickly and syrupy.'
  10. 'He took this in, gazing at the thick, syrupy surface of the inky waves below.'
  11. 'He feeds his electronic pop with electric guitars, live drums and bass, punk influences and syrupy moments.'
  12. 'It's a syrupy, drippy, cloyingly sweet story of a son's enduring love for his troubled father.'
  13. 'You'll find that tons of sentimental, syrupy hymns were written between 1850 and 1950.'
  14. 'She'd inserted some syrupy sweet fake whining into her voice, which Ron always fell for, this time being no exception.'
  15. 'Normally, if you see a bad review on a Christmas movie it's on some real syrupy, schmaltzy one.'
  16. 'It was Zach, sounding all syrupy sweet and apologetic, like he always did after he screwed up.'
  17. 'This is truly a family film that inspires and entertains without being cutesy or syrupy.'
  18. 'The entire film is filled with moments that are supposed to invoke tears, complete with syrupy stringed accompaniment thanks to the musical score.'
  19. 'But its slices of summery California melody are so well-executed it's easy to forgive the disc's occasional swerves into syrupy sentiment.'
  20. 'The tone is sweet without being syrupy; it's festive, unforced.'


1. having the appearance or quality of syrup; thick or sweet: syrupy coffee.

2. sentimental or saccharine; mawkish: a syrupy manner; a syrupy poem.

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"emotions can be syrupy."

"stuffs can be syrupy."

"slabs can be syrupy."

"liquids can be syrupy."

"yams can be syrupy."

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