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A large or dense group of flying insects.
  1. 'The whole time he was on top of her, a swarm of tiny insects hanging over his right shoulder, she kept the woods in her peripheral vision.'
  2. 'There was a swarm of summer insects flitting through the air in search of the food promised by the flower odors of the fatal garden.'
  3. 'Yet everyone is out there mad with joy over a swarm of insects that will eat most every living plant in sight!'
  4. 'However, the very next day they found a swarm of mature adults very near the surface off Anaa Island.'
  5. 'Being dinner for a swarm of insects is nobody's idea of a good time.'
  6. 'From schools of fish to a swarm of ants, animals exhibit extraordinary collective behaviour.'
  7. 'The visual effect evoked a gentle snowstorm or a swarm of insects, associations which, it must be added, the artist regards as entirely incidental.'
  8. 'With a snare of some sort in one and a swarm of buzzing insects in the other, neither of the tunnels looked inviting.'
  9. 'Along the way, we remarked on the strange powdery consistency of the soil and marveled as we were surrounded by a swarm of infinitesimal white insects.'
  10. 'In 1957 swarms of the Africanized honeybee escaped the quarantine and began to establish colonies.'
  11. 'He explained why they swarm and how the queen is the centre of the swarm's activity.'
  12. 'He donned a protective suit and used a brush to gather the 4,000-strong swarm into a hive box before re-housing them.'
  13. 'Finally, after perhaps several days of house-hunting, one of the sites gains overwhelming favour and the swarm moves off to start a new hive there.'
  14. 'The trade and transportation of queen bees, bees are families and swarms of bees without a certificate of origin and a veterinary certificate would be prohibited under the bill.'
  15. 'As the swarms subside, mated new queens break off their wings and seek underground cavities in which to begin new colonies while the males die.'
  16. 'a swarm of journalists'
  17. 'Basso's team swarm around him like worker bees around their Queen, but they are in for a hard day in the saddle.'
  18. 'The crowd froze as a swarm of Steamers jerseys surged towards the Canterbury line and the clock ticked into the red a converted try was all that was needed to keep the Ranfurly Shield at home.'
  19. 'A British aerospace company is now working on a top secret flight system which could allow a pilot to control swarms of unmanned planes from the air.'
  20. 'Electron diameters are imprecise, but not because there are swarms of micro-electron-dust, each particle of which is also a swarm of something even smaller.'
  21. 'At times, Rheingold tries a bit too hard to buttress his cogent observations with academic theories that draw parallels between smart mobs and swarms such as ant colonies.'
  22. 'A swarm of birds hopped from the nearby rooftops and sped off into the air.'
  23. 'Care would have to be taken to deflect the body intact rather than break it into pieces because a swarm of fragments might be more destructive than a single object.'
  24. 'The opening minutes saw the Trinity goal a swarm of bodies as Emmaus launched several attacks that had Trinity on the back foot.'
  25. 'Air flowing into your nose carries with it a swarm of complex organic molecules that get trapped in the mucus-rich lining of the nose's inner recesses.'
  26. 'In January she had visited Slimbridge, the bird sanctuary on the Severn in Gloucestershire, to witness the famous flights of starlings that swarm there in their tens of thousands before roosting.'
  27. 'Archaean and Proterozoic basement terranes are commonly dissected by swarms of Precambrian mafic dykes.'
  28. 'The swarm of very small earthquakes was the third and largest such episode of activity since the eruption in May-August, 2003.'
  29. 'The USGS has been monitoring St. Helens closely since Sept. 23, when swarms of tiny earthquakes were first recorded.'
  30. 'So now seismologists are actually recording the swarms of the earthquake activity from the volcano.'
  31. 'The Geological Survey has been monitoring St. Helens closely since last Thursday, when swarms of tiny earthquakes were first recorded.'
  32. 'The cause and outcome of the earthquake swarm are uncertain at this time.'
  33. 'The most intense swarms of earthquakes detected in the last 10 to 12 years on the far edge of the Juan de Fuca plate could indicate the eruption of magma from the seafloor or an underwater volcano.'
  34. 'The sequential character is known as an earthquake swarm, a phenomenon of periodic tremors that can continue for months or even a year before quieting.'
  35. 'But Qamar said he was more interested in the swarm of earthquakes than worried by them.'
  36. 'Dr Gledhill said swarms of small shallow earthquakes were reasonably common in the Bay, but some of the ones in this swarm were larger than usual, making it about a once-in-a-decade event.'
  37. 'By month's end it lies less than a degree away from the famous Beehive star cluster, which appears in binoculars as a swarm of points.'
  38. 'Since Earth is actually orbiting the Sun through a swarm of solar system debris, the answer has to be yes.'
  39. 'Any optimism is, however, tempered by the fact that - should the Shiva hypothesis be true - the next swarm of Oort Cloud comets could even now be speeding towards the inner solar system.'


(of flying insects) move in or form a swarm.
  1. 'A tethered cow is occasionally discovered, smothered in ants, asphyxiated and bleeding internally from where the insects swarmed in through its ears, mouth and nose.'
  2. 'The waters were thick and the forest lush, insect flew and swarmed about the boat; the air hung stiller.'
  3. 'Bugs swarm around a streetlight while clouds roll across the evening sky.'
  4. 'An enormous dense cloud of the insects swarmed out of their dwelling in angry unison.'
  5. 'These insect swarms cause massive crop losses across the southern and central United States, costing billions of dollars annually.'
  6. 'More than 150 passengers were evacuated from a Virgin Voyager train travelling from Newcastle to Cardiff after the insects swarmed through a carriage.'
  7. 'Unseen insects chirped and swarmed through the sunwarmed grasses and undergrowth, the razzing of cicadas a continuous chorus in the summer air.'
  8. '‘No smoking in store, sir’ he started as locusts started swarming and gathering above.'
  9. 'One night millions of insects swarmed around my bungalow.'
  10. 'Thousands of flies have swarmed into Kimberworth over the last few weeks causing residents to put up special fly paper to catch the insects.'
  11. 'the bees had swarmed and left the hive'
  12. 'But for many in the South, the annual emergence of fertile, winged termites swarming furiously to scatter and search for mates isn't one of them.'
  13. 'During their tests, honeybees swarmed areas where explosive residue was present.'
  14. 'Plagues of bugs, germs and ants swarm through the pages of her books.'
  15. 'A gentle splash was echoed by the sounds of thousands of silver - blue things swarming the surface.'
  16. 'Don't stand in any one place too long or the fire ants may swarm all over your feet.'
  17. 'But strict attention has to be paid to swarm control to stop the bees ‘buzzing off’ and loss of the honey crop.'
  18. 'Hundreds of honeybees swarm around the 3-foot-high wooden hive in the suburban backyard at 33 Kettle St.'
  19. 'This process is functionally equivalent to swarming in honeybees, but with a longer time scale.'
  20. 'And like wild dogs after a wounded buffalo, the ants swarmed over it, their terrible serrated jaws clamped tight or biting, biting, biting.'
  21. 'I looked around and saw Cliff waving his arms frantically, because he was being swarmed by some local bees.'
Move somewhere in large numbers.
  1. 'Agents of the secret police swarmed among its buildings and along its thoroughfares like ‘locusts.’'
  2. 'In South Florida, long lines reappeared at gas stations and shoppers swarmed home building stores and supermarkets.'
  3. 'Clouds of dust and a fearful racket greeted us, and hundreds of workmen swarmed over file building.'
  4. 'VISUALISE THE scenario of over 1000 children swarming a compact building in the city and spending the whole day playing, eating and chatting.'
  5. 'When they unfurled it dozens of cops swarmed over the protesters, knocking them to the ground and arresting several.'
  6. 'Police and federal agents swarmed in on that building today as part of a joint anti-terror operation.'
  7. 'Hoarded up in abandoned buildings, the government swarmed around them for weeks, in an attempt to force the Kerberos to stand down.'
  8. 'The market opens out into a harbour where people swarm everywhere, mending nets and building brightly coloured boats.'
  9. 'Thousands of protesters swarmed the streets of Peshawar, in the north west, shouting anti-American and anti-Pakistani slogans.'
  10. 'Orderlies and staff officers swarmed the buildings, carrying orders to the front-line troops.'
  11. 'the place was swarming with police'
  12. 'The rest of York is awash with shoppers swarming with mad carrier bags in the cold.'
  13. 'The police and paramilitary forces arrived and the club field swarmed with khaki-clad security personnel and curious onlookers.'
  14. 'On the way in, the Tube was swarming with teenagers.'
  15. 'Within minutes the area was swarming with police cars and dogs and helicopters.'
  16. 'Edinburgh is swarming with people every year for more than one reason.'
  17. 'But then Vauxhall started swarming with police and before you could work out what was going on, the roads were being closed off.'
  18. 'The lanes around the Daffodil Lion swarmed with police, blocking all routes to the air base which was about two-and-a-half miles away in the next valley.'
  19. 'The whole area is swarming with police, as is the subway station.'
  20. 'We got away from it and within minutes the place was swarming with police.'
  21. 'Since the entire Italy is swarming with museums and art, the city of Florence too grounds few wonderful ones.'

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1. a body of honeybees that emigrate from a hive and fly off together, accompanied by a queen, to start a new colony.

2. a body of bees settled together, as in a hive.

3. a great number of things or persons, especially in motion.

4. Biology. a group or aggregation of free-floating or free-swimming cells or organisms.

5. Geology. a cluster of earthquakes or other geologic phenomena or features.

verb (used without object)

6. to fly off together in a swarm, as bees.

7. to move about


(swarm)Old English swearm (noun), of Germanic origin; related to German Schwarm, probably also to the base of Sanskrit svarati ‘it sounds’.


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