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Containing much sugar.
  1. 'Unhealthy sugary food and drinks are a major problem.'
  2. 'Researchers have linked daily consumption of sugary soft drinks and fruit punches to significant weight gain and a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.'
  3. 'At the screening, you'll drink a sugary liquid and then take a blood test one hour later.'
  4. 'No more sweets, fried foods or sugary drinks, including Gatorade.'
  5. 'This can cause symptoms of faintness, sweating and a pounding heart, and if not treated by eating or drinking something sugary, can lead to collapse and coma.'
  6. 'When you drink a sugary soda by itself, your insulin levels surge.'
  7. 'Laziness is self destructive in the long term but enjoyable in the short term - it's nice to sit down and drink sugary glucose drinks and watch TV, even though I know I have things to do.'
  8. 'She was also asked to reduce her intake of sugary foods and drinks and asked to include whole grains in her diet.'
  9. 'In addition, children from families who eat a lot of sugary foods and drink sweet liquids, who have a lot of cavities, and who do not go to the dentist very often are at risk for cavities.'
  10. 'A healthy diet is one that is low in saturated fat, salt and sugary snacks and drinks.'
  11. 'a sugary texture'
  12. 'For the last few years, during Keweenaw Week in August, the mine dump has been bulldozed for collectors, who have recovered a number of white to pink datolite nodules, many with a sugary texture.'
  13. 'Unfortunately, they turned out to be quite unattractive, with the datolite being a dirty white to cream color and having a texture that is granular to sugary rather than porcelaneous.'
Excessively sentimental.
  1. 'The show was designed specifically to appeal to other African-American teens, and while it was amiable enough entertainment it suffered from a sugary cuteness and too much sentimentality.'
  2. 'The short Serenades are also quite pretty and Hanson makes the most out of their sugary sentimentality.'
  3. 'Dark distorted vocals, faint conversation snippets, and sugary aural textures are fused with mild break beats on ‘Speechless.’'
  4. 'I think I'll spread it out over a couple of days this time, saving the real schmaltzy, sugary thanks to family and friends for Thursday.'
  5. 'There his mechanical and appallingly ill-informed Bach playing was exceeded only by the sugary sentimentality of his own, nouveau impressionist music.'
  6. 'Perhaps in that moment I saw myself the way victims of my public gushing must when you read all this sugary sap about how happy we are.'
  7. 'You're very into the sensitive, sugary stuff that sentiments are made of.'
  8. 'Before you turn the page, wondering why I've chosen such a dreadful piece of sugary sentimentalism for this week's painting, give Greuze's grieving girl a second glance.'


1. of, containing, or resembling sugar.

2. sweet; excessively sweet.

3. honeyed; cloying; deceitfully agreeable: sugary words of greeting.

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"milks can be sugary to buds."

"meals can be sugary in fibres."

"foods can be sugary."

"snacks can be sugary."

"teas can be sugary."

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