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Having a strong or unpleasant smell.
  1. 'a stinky, sweaty room'
  2. 'A group of villagers have gone online to protest at a stinky turkey farm.'
  3. 'For years, people afflicted with the itchy skin condition used stinky coal-tar derivatives to alleviate their symptoms.'
  4. 'he went to his stinky job year after year'
  5. 'Healthy and progressive organizations make change easier than stinky evil organizations do.'
  6. 'They point to signs of life in some of the bombed-out corners of markets, and banks finally finding buyers for some of their stinkiest assets.'
  7. 'It's a bit of a stinky ballad that I briefly had a soft spot for, but I can't really get behind a song which advocates not lying to someone just because they are beautiful.'


1. foul smelling; stinking.

2. Informal. mean-spirited; nasty.

More examples(as adjective)

"travelogues can be stinky."

"stunties can be stinky."

"releases can be stinky."

"petrols can be stinky."

"jackets can be stinky."

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