Adjective "Sprinkle" Definition and Examples




    1. to scatter (a liquid, powder, etc.) in drops or particles: She sprinkled powder on the baby.

    2. to disperse or distribute here and there.

    3. to overspread with drops or particles of water, powder, or the like: to sprinkle a lawn.

    4. to diversify or intersperse with objects scattered here and there. verb (used without object), sprinkled, sprinkling.

    5. to scatter or disperse liquid, a powder, etc., in drops or particles.

    6. to be


    "rushes can be sprinkle with thymes."

    "rushes can be sprinkle with rosemaries."

    "rushes can be sprinkle with herbs."

    "people can be sprinkle with humours."

    "muffins can be sprinkle with salts."

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