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Like a sponge, especially in being porous, compressible, or absorbent.
  1. 'They have a spongy quality without precise texture and there is a sense that one can penetrate more or less deeply into them.'
  2. 'They wanted to disentangle themselves from the soft, spongy webs that had grown around them and the way they went about it was very silly.'
  3. 'The flavour was essence of crab, the texture, like a soft, moist spongey doughnut - very different and entirely delicious.'
  4. 'Fashion-wise there were two principal groups: the teddy boys - drape-style suits, suede shoes with thick spongy soles, coloured shirts and bootlace ties; and the Millets - rollneck sweaters and jeans.'
  5. 'The bread in the supermarket here is spongey sweet white bread cut in about 10 cm thick slices.'
  6. 'We hated her and wanted to crush her enormous spongey costume under our broken feet.'
  7. 'Tony, an avid collector of spongy penguins given out at various Linux events, now thinks computers were created by penguins, or vice versa.'
  8. 'In a spongey, leather-clad Renault, this system feels thrillingly futurist.'
  9. 'There's so much torque, but I wasn't sure about the brakes; they were a bit spongey.'


1. of the nature of or resembling a sponge; light, porous, and elastic or readily compressible, as pith or bread.

2. having the absorbent characteristics of a sponge; absorbing or holding liquid or yielding liquid when pressed.

3. of or relating to a sponge.

4. lacking in firmness or solidity: spongy wood; a spongy feeling from the car brakes.

5. moist and soft; soggy: spongy ground.

6. porous but hard, as bone.

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"textures can be spongy."

"tissues can be spongy."

"balls can be spongy."

"appearances can be spongy."

"woods can be spongy."

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