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Having an acid taste like lemon or vinegar.
  1. 'The fluffy filling combined with the sour taste was great.'
  2. 'Mukheit is toxic and needs to be soaked in water for three days before it is edible; although it has a sour taste, it contains about a third of the calories of grain.'
  3. 'I used to devour them, but now they leave such a sour taste in my mouth and the sourness irritates my insides.'
  4. 'The fruit is about two to five centimetres long and acidic in nature with a sour taste.'
  5. 'Without getting into a lot of complicated chemistry, acids are substances that taste sour, such as vinegar or lemon juice.'
  6. 'The sour taste of a lemon cannot be distinguished from that of vinegar, yet when you proceed to open your nose and inhale, you can sense the specific flavor of lemon.'
  7. 'Heartburn is a burning feeling in the lower chest, along with a sour or bitter taste in the throat and mouth.'
  8. 'One of them was really really bad, with a terrible vinegar smell that unclogged your sinuses and a sour taste to match.'
  9. 'Dry wines can cause unpleasant sour or even bitter tastes if served with desserts.'
  10. 'His eyes are gritty; there is a sour taste in his mouth, his heart is beating unpleasantly fast, and there is a roaring in his ears.'
  11. 'the kitchen smelled of sour milk'
  12. 'Tanner pointed at my clothes which had a big white stain on them and smelled of sour milk.'
  13. 'Now, unless I get it washed, it's gonna stink of sour milk forever.'
  14. 'It's like sniffing sour milk to see if it's gone off: you just have to keep going back to make sure.'
  15. 'He reeked of sour milk and unwashed filth and I felt my stomach lurch at the stench.'
  16. 'Fermented wine was used as well as the unripe, sour juice acresta, which means acrid.'
  17. 'The prisoner had known of the warder's arrival by the sour aroma that preceded him, a melange of rancid sweat and cheap tobacco.'
  18. 'The sour smell of the old milk still lingered there.'
  19. 'The winds have picked up a bit, swirling the sour smell of privet blossoms around me, bringing on another bout of sneezing.'
  20. 'He answered and Elena could smell the sour stench of liquor on his breath.'
  21. 'Aside from the faint, sour smell of blood from last night, nothing else was new.'
  22. 'Occasionally a sour smell from his doorway made me catch my breath.'
  23. 'She didn't approach the door but paced the hall, her snub nose wrinkled at the sour smell of urine and smoke.'
  24. 'It was grayish and easy to break apart; feathery to the touch and had a sour smell to it.'
  25. 'To reawaken memories of Miller's, the neighborhood delicatessen of my childhood, I need only the smell of sour pickles in a barrel.'
  26. 'It smelled of sweat, sour and rancid, and the muzzle slid against my right temple.'
Feeling or expressing resentment, disappointment, or anger.
  1. 'the meeting ended on a sour note'
  2. 'My mom shot him an extremely sour look.'
  3. 'Another American novel finished my recreational reading for the summer on something of a sour note.'
  4. 'The Easter long weekend may end on a sour note for some commuters who use public transit.'
  5. 'After just getting out of detention, he was in a pretty sour mood.'
  6. 'We'd survived two months without cross words, so it would've been a shame to end things on a sour note.'
  7. 'Lord George's voice had turned slightly sour.'
  8. 'On the home front, the year began so brightly for Waterford United but ended on a very sour note.'
  9. 'Handshakes then turned to fisticuffs after the final hooter to end a miserable day on an even more sour note.'
  10. 'First off, if your dad's in sour mood, give him space.'
  11. 'Celia made a sour face showing disgust towards Mrs. Larson.'
(of soil) deficient in lime and usually dank.
  1. 'Direct chopping and ensiling this wet corn can cause heavy seepage and a sour silage.'
(of petroleum or natural gas) containing a relatively high proportion of sulphur.
  1. 'You become an activist when your dog is impounded, or a freeway is built past your house, or your child gets a disease because of pollution or sour gas.'
  2. 'When a sour gas well is ignited, hydrogen sulphide is transformed into sulphur dioxide, which is less immediately dangerous, but still toxic.'


A drink made by mixing a spirit with lemon or lime juice.
  1. 'Suffice it to say, there are times when retro music and amaretto sours are just more important than tv.'
  2. 'The whiskey/amaretto sours are the best in the city.'
  3. 'In Chile pisco is drunk as a liqueur after meals but a pisco sour, sometimes sold in bottled, pre-mixed form, can make a refreshing aperitif.'
  4. 'A locally famous drink is the anise seed based raki, and brandy sour is another favorite with the Turkish Cypriots.'
  5. 'My favorite drinks are Malibu pineapple and Amaretto sours - I can't drink strong drinks.'
  6. 'I sit drinking a pisco sour at a street café behind the cathedral watching people hurrying along the busy street.'
  7. 'Cesar da Silva, the bar manager, mixes the best whisky sours in the world.'
  8. 'This is the place to spot the label-clad lovelies sipping their brandy sours, often accompanied by half of the racing drivers on the Formula One circuit.'


Make or become sour.
  1. 'soured cream'
  2. 'As the figures show, whole cow's milk is definitely not for everyone, at least not unless the milk is soured or fermented.'
  3. 'Smetana had to be made immediately before use, since it took only a few hours for the bacteria in the sour cream to sour the fresh cream completely.'
  4. 'Aftershocks, rain and landslides are hampering aid efforts and souring drinking water, but survivors want more from authorities.'
  5. 'Casein is what makes up the curd that forms when milk is left to sour.'
  6. 'Good though the matching of crumbly, flaking croissant with hot sticky apples and cold, slightly soured cream is, you may want to gild the lily.'
  7. no object 'many friendships have soured over borrowed money'
  8. 'He succeeded but only at the cost of further souring Anglo-German relations.'
  9. 'Some feel the country's reputation for generosity has been spoiled and community sentiment permanently soured.'
  10. 'The bad news is that French antipathy towards him is so obvious that it sours the whole occasion.'
  11. 'But the 22-year-old defender confessed the final result soured any celebrations he had planned.'
  12. 'Even there on the dance floor with everyone copying our thirty-year-old spins and wring-the-dishrag moves, I couldn't stop sober thoughts like this from souring the moment.'
  13. 'Although economic and social ties between the island and the mainland have since grown, political relations have soured.'
  14. 'This can lead to a deep underlying hurt that can often sour any new relationships.'
  15. 'Anti-social behaviour can sour every aspect of a person's life, spoiling the peace in what should be the ultimate sanctuary of their own home.'
  16. 'The biggest problem is of course that it sours the investment climate.'
  17. 'It simply sours the atmosphere and creates hostility and distrust.'


1. having an acid taste, resembling that of vinegar, lemon juice, etc.; tart.

2. rendered acid or affected by fermentation; fermented.

3. producing the one of the four basic taste sensations that is not bitter, salt, or sweet.

4. characteristic of something fermented: a sour smell.

5. distasteful or disagreeable; unpleasant.

6. below standard; poor.

7. harsh in spirit or temper; austere; morose; peevish.

8. Agriculture. (of soil) having excessive acidity.

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"sentiments can be sour in sessions."

"relations can be sour since uprisings."

"investors can be sour on stocks."

"ties can be sour as results."

"tastes can be sour over years."

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Old English sūr, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zuur and German sauer.


go (or turn) sour
sour grapes