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Very wet and soft.
  1. 'On this night the sky was overcast, the ground soggy from a day's rain and the place mostly deserted.'
  2. 'At present the very wet conditions are not helping as the clay is soggy.'
  3. 'Jason Sorens' dream is off to a better start than the soggy failures of the past.'
  4. 'If we had learned anything from our earlier soggy adventures, it was to let wetness just happen.'
  5. 'More than six inches of rain has drenched an already soggy Los Angeles this holiday weekend.'
  6. 'The soggy firewood was gathered, tents put up, and a line strung between trees to hang the wet gear to dry.'
  7. 'There are neighbourhoods that are still evacuated and a lot of soggy basements.'
  8. 'I glanced sideways and verified that upon the nest of limp lettuce and soggy tomato resided no meatball pattie.'
  9. 'The walkways yesterday were a deep, soggy mess that spoiled many a good pair of golf shoes and a lot of clothing.'
  10. 'He spun around and crouched low behind the tree, his soggy shoes making squishy sounds.'


1. soaked; thoroughly wet; sodden.

2. damp and heavy, as poorly baked bread.

3. spiritless, heavy, dull, or stupid: a soggy novel.

More examples(as adjective)

"muds can be soggy around people."

"growths can be soggy for moments."

"people can be soggy in/at/on days."

"people can be soggy from bogs."

"flakes can be soggy at breakfasts."

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Early 18th century (in the sense ‘boggy’): from dialect sog ‘a swamp’ + -y.