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Saturated with liquid, especially water; soaked through.
  1. 'With mid-Atlantic states left sodden by an unusually wet summer, the winds toppled trees and rains flooded creeks and low-lying areas.'
  2. 'I found the sodden mess in the laundry, saturated to the point where I tried to put them on, but for fear of contracting instantaneous pneumonia I decided against it.'
  3. 'After six hours the pump had done its job, and there was a slushy sodden mass of tree-seeds and brackish water, and the pump was making a sound like a Jarvik heart filled with oatmeal.'
  4. 'I stripped off my sodden socks and my snowsuit, already reeking of wet wool, and left them on the radiator.'
  5. 'Customers sloshed through inch-deep water at the door and across a sodden rug to wait at least 45 minutes for burritos and chalupas.'
  6. 'Thus they went, a sopping sodden mess, each following the other out of the Square past the tall pines of the Mission and the Officers bedraggled salute.'
  7. 'As the car whizzes along the highway, Sonia stares out at the sodden fields.'
  8. 'Dew soaked grass and rain sodden leaves stubbornly refuse to give up their moisture, allowing the walker to squelch his way across the murky landscape.'
  9. 'Mike looked out of the door at the sodden figure dancing joyously in the water from the sprinklers.'
  10. 'Shaking my head, I stood shakily to my legs and stumbled over to the water, taking off my sodden shirt and placing it on the ground next to me.'
  11. 'a whisky-sodden criminal'


Saturate (something) with water.
  1. 'If the fish be a little more than half covered with water, and gradually brought to boil, then well covered down with your sauce-pan lid, and boiled gently till done, it will eat much richer, have a finer flavor, and be more firm than if cooked the old way, or rather drowned in water, which only soddens fish, and takes away the fine firmness so much prized.'
  2. 'An incoming tide soddens a dropped garment which cannot comfortably be resumed and is often abandoned to be carried out by the receding tide.'


1. soaked with liquid or moisture; saturated.

2. heavy, lumpy, or soggy, as food that is poorly cooked.

3. having a soaked appearance.

4. bloated, as the face.

5. expressionless, dull, or stupid, especially from drunkenness.

6. lacking spirit or alertness; inert; torpid; listless.

7. Archaic. boiled. verb (used with or without object)

8. to make or become sodden. 9. Obsolete. past participle of seethe.

More examples(as adjective)

"layouts can be sodden from rains."

"people can be sodden with sleepinesses."

"dikes can be sodden from weeks."

"dikes can be sodden."

"fields can be sodden."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘boiled, cooked by boiling’): archaic past participle of seethe.