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Extremely wet; saturated.
  1. 'she was soaked to the skin'
  2. 'Her soaked hair clung to her pale white face, her clothes adhered to her frail body, and her eyes were shut.'
  3. 'His gaze flickers for an instant down at Tristan, whose shirt is now soaked with blood.'
  4. 'The water drops fell harder down unto the crowd of people, their soaked clothes clinging to their bodies.'
  5. 'Eventually they made it to the other side of the hall and slid down to the muddy and blood soaked ground below.'
  6. 'The sun felt wonderfully warm on his soaked skin, so he closed his eyes and enjoyed its soothing heat.'
  7. 'He looked down at the fragments of glass glinting from a now thoroughly soaked patch of carpet and groaned.'
  8. 'The jacket was torn, and the cloth was already soaked with blood in this region.'
  9. 'And by the time the show ended, we were all soaked and dripping wet.'
  10. 'I had all my gear on and I was completely soaked with sweat when I got back.'
  11. 'Jade's back was turned to Tristan and her clothes were soaked to the bone.'


1. to lie in and become saturated or permeated with water or some other liquid.

2. to pass, as a liquid, through pores, holes, or the like: The rain soaked through the tear in the umbrella.

3. to be thoroughly wet.

4. to penetrate or become known to the mind or feelings (followed by in): The lesson didn't soak in.

5. Informal. to drink immoderately, especially alcoholic beverages: They were soaking at the bar. verb (used with object)

6. to place or keep i

More examples(as adjective)

"shirts can be soaked in sweats."

"hunts can be soaked in bloods."

"furs can be soaked with dews."

"grounds can be soaked."

"people can be soaked."

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