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Irritable and inclined to speak sharply; snappish.
  1. 'Jeffrey was tempted to be snappy, but he knew that anger and irritability only rose from fear, weakness, or fear of weakness, so he held his tongue.'
  2. 'I'm not someone who's endlessly patient and wonderful - in fact I'm quite snappy and irritable - and I don't know if I'd like to make myself worse in that respect.'
  3. 'He'd read twice through every book in the house, and he'd become irritable and snappy.'
Cleverly concise; neat.
  1. 'For the most part though, Gilman covers all her bases, writing in snappy, clever prose that keeps the pages turning.'
  2. 'It should have clear headings, concise paragraphs and snappy sentences.'
  3. 'And the dialogue (almost all of it right off the page) is peppermint-stick snappy.'
  4. 'He was looking snappy in his cool button-up shirt that he didn't button-up all the way, his trendy denims, and his new white shoes.'
  5. 'In fact, he's a snappy dresser, with a penchant for Paul Smith suits and shirts, so his slippers would probably be hand-embroidered velvet.'
  6. 'Armed with this research, the high priestesses of style lay down strict guidelines before embarking on the celebrated shopping trip as the journey from fashion disaster to snappy dresser begins.'


1. apt to snap or bite; snappish, as a dog.

2. impatient or irritable, as a person or a reply.

3. snapping or crackling in sound, as a fire.

4. quick or sudden in action or performance.

5. Informal. crisp, smart, lively, brisk, etc.: Only snappy people get ahead in this world. Idioms

6. make it snappy, Slang. to speed up; hurry.

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"people can be snappy at children."

"people can be snappy."

"jumpsuitses can be snappy."

"families can be snappy."

"dressers can be snappy."

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