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Filled with or smelling of smoke.
  1. 'As the smoky smell grew stronger, she rushed out of her son's room to investigate.'
  2. 'The lights didn't work half the time, the heating broke down, there was trash everywhere and a strange, smoky smell permeated everything.'
  3. 'After the remains of the satellite had crashed to earth, the village head noticed that the air had a smoky, gunpowdery smell and thought a plane had crashed nearby.'
  4. 'It had the typical incense smoky smell along with a bit of earthy amber, hibiscus, and a hint of patchouli.'
  5. 'The rank smoky smell recalls the lamp at Uncle Don's lodge on the lake where Jack and I went to swim on hot nights.'
  6. 'In the club, the air is smoky and smells of burning apricot incense, and there are ladies and men dressed in clothing that bedazzles and confuses me with its glory.'
  7. 'I seat myself on an old mahogany chair and begin to feel soothed by the sweet, smoky smell of joss stick incense.'
  8. 'There's probably more, I'm sure, but I'm tired, and I have to shower and clean off the smell from smoky bars so that I can rest.'
  9. 'She led her into the depths of the boat to a small, rather smoky room which smelled deliciously of stew.'
  10. 'The smoky, oniony smell of the fair already filled my lungs.'
  11. 'smoky factory chimneys'
  12. 'There are people bustling on the market, horses and carts, trams and smokey factories to name but a few.'
  13. 'Chimneys are created to allow smoky air to escape, so unless the flue is closed, warm air escapes, and with it, your heating budget.'
Like smoke in colour or appearance.
  1. 'She painted her lips a dark blood red and put on smoky gray eye shadow.'
  2. 'My eyes were shadowed with black eyeliner, and a smoky eye shadow.'
  3. 'You need to have that smoky, misty effect: Use dry ice to create the mood.'
  4. 'My eyes were surrounded with black eye shadow and eyeliner, giving out a smoky effect.'
  5. 'To focus more attention on your eyes, Espinet recommends using a pencil-thin brush to apply cream eye shadow in smoky grays or warm earth tones to the top and bottom lash lines.'
  6. 'She used a deep black eyeliner and mascara to highlight my eyes and make them stand out, and then applied a smoky grey eye shadow to my eyes.'
  7. 'She looked very pretty, with smoky dark brown shadow dusted over her lids and her big eyes lined with black pencil, pink gloss having been smacked on her plump lips.'
  8. 'Her blue eyes were emphasized by smoky eye shadow and her lips were full and pouty from the gloss dabbed on them.'
  9. 'Black eye shadow had been applied to my eyelids to create a smoky affect, and the whole set of eye make up made my emerald eyes look particularly dark.'
  10. 'Now that I had chance to see her eyes closely I realized that they were not the dark blue I had first thought but a smoky violet colour.'
Having the taste or aroma of smoked food.
  1. 'Often in some of these countries, vanilla beans are dried over fires to speed up the process, giving the vanilla beans a smoky aroma.'
  2. 'Vegetables cooked on the grill develop an irresistible sweet and smoky taste.'
  3. '‘The Scots see the smoky taste of Scotch as an attraction but I think it masks the flavour of the whiskey,’ she said'
  4. 'The taste was smoky and sweet, and slivers of fennel, green onion and cucumber at the bottom of the bowl made for suitably refreshing in-between bites.'
  5. 'There is a Provençal dish, fish grilled au fenouil, in which dried fennel stalks are burned under the fish to give it a smoky aroma.'
  6. 'Welsh / Celtic ale was probably sweetened with honey, and - with a smokey taste from the way the barley was kilned - was said to be ‘glutinous, heady and soporific’.'
  7. 'Vanns Spices have also introduced a tan-hued, tea smoked salt, which (not surprisingly) adds a smoky element to food.'
  8. 'I couldn't really detect the bourbon in the barbecue sauce (though it had a sweet, smoky taste), but it did make for some very pleasant dipping.'
  9. 'It's going to have a week to get the smoky fish smell out of the kitchen.'
  10. 'It was served with a gratin of potatoes and cabbage scented with smoky lardoons of bacon and a carafe of outstanding wine from the Juraçon.'


1. an officer or officers of a state highway patrol.

2. a state police car.

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