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Of a size that is less than normal or usual.
  1. 'the small hill that sheltered the house'
  2. 'In Baywatch, the crews inhabit beach towers the size of a small house.'
  3. 'The male moorhen about the same size as a small chicken was close to death when walkers spotted him bobbing in the River Ray.'
  4. 'In the middle of the white wormy thing, which fills the entire shell, is a green blob about the size of a small sprout.'
  5. 'I have slept little in cramped aeroplane seats and gloriously on motel beds the size of a small European farm.'
  6. 'We watched a chunk of ice crash into the sea fairly close to us, which was the size of a small home.'
  7. 'Other parents said the small class sizes helped their children with their academic achievements.'
  8. 'Staff revealed that four ovens were situated on the ground floor, two electric and two gas, each the same size as a small car.'
  9. 'On one wall is a typical American fridge, the size of a small office block.'
  10. 'My back was scratched up from the ground and I had a tiny bruise in the corner of my eye, about the size of a small pea.'
  11. 'Each of the rooms is the size of a small apartment with a big bathroom, including a bathtub and hot water.'
  12. 'When you are dealing with a small amount of money versus the value of the property I am saying that it does not have an impact.'
  13. 'I was provided with a small amount of money and within a year three drafts had been written.'
  14. 'The good news is that books can be bought for relatively small amounts of money.'
  15. 'I was not referring to that case, which involves a relatively small amount of money.'
  16. 'It is making me ridiculously happy, so it must have been worth the small amount of money I spent.'
  17. 'He has been included as a party only because there was a small amount of money involved from his point of view.'
  18. 'They are usually played for a small amount of money, and there is no process of betting to raise the stake.'
  19. 'He spun the usual hard luck story that his family were hungry so I agreed to advance him a small amount of money.'
  20. 'If the insulation is burnt off the copper wiring, it can be sold for a small amount of money.'
  21. 'They have said that families and other people can invest a small amount of money and get a huge return.'
  22. 'as a small boy, he spent his days either reading or watching cricket'
  23. 'She pointed over to a gaggle of small boys, the eldest about seven, the youngest not even a year old.'
  24. 'I like seeing all the small children and they grow up and go to big school then another lot comes along.'
  25. 'This will leave a very young woman and a small baby in very difficult social circumstances for a number of years.'
  26. 'They sat there, like a young mother and her small child, happy and content just to be together.'
  27. 'Neither did they know of the sacrifices made by small boy, grown beyond his years, so that he could keep them all safe.'
  28. 'All the heart disease sufferers had been born small and didn't grow well in infancy.'
  29. 'As a small boy Johnnie grew up to know and love those lovely hills that surrounded his home in Castlerock.'
  30. 'I lost my original plant, but I have a small plant grown from the original seed and I'm starting again.'
  31. 'They are often young mothers with small children, mothers who have no patience and who are quick with their hands.'
  32. 'From the mustard seeds thrown along the path by Vidyapati, small plants had grown.'
  33. 'She came back towards us and asked in a small voice if she could have our autographs.'
  34. 'My voice was small, but everyone turned round and she had no choice but to acknowledge me.'
  35. 'Rosie was speaking in a small voice, turning back to the floor as they made their way out the school building.'
  36. 'they are diehard conservatives, with a small c'
Insignificant; unimportant.
  1. 'The only small and minor complaint I have is the gravity of the situation to which the response given is.'
  2. 'The peaks of Glen Shiel loomed over and made me feel deliciously small and insignificant.'
  3. 'Now, it might seem a small argument over a minor, obscure piece of parliamentary procedure.'
  4. 'As little Josie walked down the street, she began to feel quite small and insignificant.'
  5. 'One small planning decision, one minor infringement of a long-forgotten legacy.'
  6. 'Conversely, something that initially seems a small and minor incident you might want to ratchet up the scale.'
  7. 'It's a small problem affecting a trivial number of people who effectively choose to be affected.'
  8. 'All in all he harboured only minor concerns, and these occupied only a small part of him as a whole.'
  9. 'In universal terms it is a small, insignificant star, fairly average in the great scheme of things.'
  10. 'The law is not mindful of small things or trivial things.'
  11. 'the captain had been paying small attention'
  12. 'He said the experience gave him a new appreciation for small business owners.'
  13. 'Initially the system is seen as most suitable for small businesses, and promises to be a tenth of the cost of leased lines.'
  14. 'There's a small business near here that specialises in collecting wrecked cars from all around the county.'
  15. 'Many small business bosses are either too busy to activate their export potential or do not recognise that it exists.'
  16. 'The roof will be a garden, covered with spice and herb plants from around the world and would be a focus for small businesses.'
  17. 'I understand you're planning an event aimed at owners of small businesses this week.'
  18. 'But it was aimed mainly at attracting small business and we needed to replace thousands of lost jobs.'
  19. 'So what we consider a small business I think has changed over the last 10 years or so.'
  20. 'For one thing, small businesses are not big enough to maintain regulatory compliance departments.'
  21. 'The clients range from big chain stores, government right down to small businesses.'
  22. 'at dinner, some of the smaller neighbours were invited'

plural noun

Small items of clothing, especially underwear.
  1. 'I now know for certain that our smalls do far more than just cover our modesty and keep out cold draughts.'
  2. 'The moment he's sitting in his smalls centre stage, rocking backwards and forwards, moaning to himself, a suggestion is made that perhaps it's time to get out of Dodge.'
  3. 'Do we know if secreted about his smalls he has a pair of boxer shorts in either the ancient or red tartan of his venerable clanspersons?'
  4. 'Where is the fun of slithering into layers of lacy surprises for your partner if he already sees the make, colour and size of your smalls?'
  5. 'After all, what better place can you think of to wash your smalls and do your weekly shop than down your local?'
  6. 'And also, it's good to be reminded that my smalls haven't always resembled a Second World War parachute.'
  7. 'Apparently, the idea of extreme ironing as a competitive sport began life in the back garden of a terraced house in Leicester, when a young man decided to iron his smalls outdoors.'
  8. 'I bought all sizes of covers at once; if I was in a pinch and my smalls were all in the wash, I could use a medium to hold us over until laundry was done.'
  9. 'As I scurried to retrieve my smalls, the whirr of a dozen camera motor drives signalled that the whole unhappy episode was being captured on film.'
  10. 'There are greying smalls on the radiator; dishes are piled higher in the sink than a prestigious Dubai development.'
  11. 'Shopper at the next till down, also clutching a big pile of smalls: ‘Mine are going further than yours.’'
  12. 'I'm still not sure about that (when I think of sharing pleasure, I visualise a tube of Pringles) but buying smalls is even beginning to seem like it could be fun.'
  13. 'But rather than put on tracksuits, the players stay in their smalls.'
  14. 'Jean in a London laundromat, wryly observes: ‘I squandered my life's savings to watch my smalls go round.’'
  15. 'The surest way to set the heart pounding and the palms sweating is to get a sudden mental flash of the person you are meant to be interviewing sitting in their smalls.'
  16. 'When it comes to our long-term partners, however, we want them to look chaste, freshly laundered and clean when they strip down to their smalls.'
A gratuity or small gift of money.
  1. 'Now I don't want you to feel that the owners of the Bayside Cafe slipped me a smalls for me to big them up.'
  2. 'Nevertheless, I managed to fill up the car out by the Harbour View station when I drove out there in the evening to look upon two skin rashes and earn a smalls.'


Into small pieces.
  1. 'you shouldn't write so small'
  2. 'The US may grumble that Europe talks big and acts small, but that is pretty much what Washington wants.'


1. of limited size; of comparatively restricted dimensions; not big; little: a small box.

2. slender, thin, or narrow: a small waist.

3. not large as compared with others of the same kind: a small elephant.

4. (of letters) lowercase (def 1).

5. not great in amount, degree, extent, duration, value, etc.: a small salary.

6. not great numerically: a small army.

7. of low numerical value; denoted by a low number.

8. having but little land, capita

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"people can be small for ages."

"volumes can be small at lots."

"people can be small in statures."

"people can be small in numbers."

"people can be small by standards."

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Old English smæl, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch smal and German schmal.


feel (or look) small
in a small way
it is (or what) a small world
no small —
small is beautiful
the small of the back
small potatoes
small profits and quick returns
the small screen
small wonder