Adjective "Small-Time" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Unimportant; minor.
  1. 'In the movie, he's a small-time interviewer from a small-time station.'
  2. 'The jury at Preston Crown Court had been told how small-time drug dealer Mr Barnshaw had been beaten and doused in petrol and set alight after being kidnapped.'
  3. 'It is a cynical look at small-time academia, and it was really completely beneath the station of someone like Qian to have written it.'
  4. 'After an uninspiring university life he worked as a small-time suburban solicitor who lived with his mother until he was thirty-two.'
  5. 'Back in the day, Great Britain used to make and unmake small-time countries like Greece with one hand tied behind its back.'
  6. 'He was a small-time farmer, who loved animals and the land.'
  7. 'No one questioned what a small-time dealer would be doing with rockets.'
  8. 'They were ‘just small-time crooks who thought they were a lot bigger than they were’, according to Richardson.'
  9. 'And what can small-time stations and local radio networks learn from their examples?'
  10. 'The book was to show how corporations and small-time bureaucrats conspire to sell out the people they purport to represent.'



1. of modest or insignificant size, importance, or influence: a small-time politician.