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(especially of a person or their appearance) untidy and dirty.
  1. 'After seeing a number of slovenly men transformed by snappy suits, I wonder how I'll clean up.'
  2. 'Often slovenly and untidy, she dressed to draw attention to her figure, and the history of her love affairs and marriages provided a basis for much talk.'
  3. 'But, you also say that the big boss doesn't take your co-worker's slovenly appearance quite as seriously as you do.'
  4. 'Yet despite his slovenly appearance, somehow Araki is always followed by lovely young ladies in kimonos and gangs of sharp-dressed yes men.'
  5. 'It was George ‘Beau’ Brummell who restored order to the slovenly neckwear of his time, by devising the use of starch on a muslin neckcloth, so that it would retain its shape throughout the day.'
  6. 'At the same time, others might tend to take you more seriously, for better or for worse - they might perceive you as just a little bit more with-it and competent than your slovenly colleagues.'
  7. 'So there's still plenty of hope that slovenly women have it together on the inside - at least as often as slovenly men.'
  8. 'It begins with no one troubling to polish their shoes and ends with slovenly doctors and nurses who cannot be bothered to wash their hands, killing 5,000 patients a year with MRSA.'
  9. 'Despite her basic beauty, she has a slovenly appearance, as though some strange magnetism randomly attaches clothes to her body every morning.'
  10. 'The primary point of the character is to provide a source of gross-out humor, as the group reacts to his slovenly appearance and phlegmy cough.'
  11. 'slovenly speech'
  12. 'But T-shirts stretched over protruding bellies, shorts exposing hairy legs, and toes sprouting out of sandals are not casual - they're slovenly.'


1. untidy or unclean in appearance or habits.

2. characteristic of a sloven; slipshod: slovenly work. adverb

3. in an untidy, careless, or slipshod manner.

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"ways can be slovenly."

"workmanships can be slovenly."

"shufflers can be slovenly."

"shuffles can be slovenly."

"salutes can be slovenly."

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