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  1. 'This is pretty good progress for you George, even accounting for your usual slothful approach to work.'
  2. 'A U.S.-based systems company has set up its UK headquarters in York - and plans to woo slothful people back to the gymnasium.'
  3. 'In captivity, the tigers were generally thought to be slothful, sluggish and boring and did not entertain their viewers.'
  4. 'I know that it's way too early to declare any kind of victory over my slothful nature, but methinks it's a very good sign.'
  5. 'Neither does it tarry long in the hands of those too slothful, too dishonest, or too unintelligent to exercise it.'
  6. 'To judge from some of the wildly hostile remarks from the Scottish political classes, it would seem this slothful water utility is regarded as a sacred object.'
  7. 'And while you could make the case that Hamlet was a misanthrope, you commit the slothful sin of identifying the author with his creation if you say the same of Shakespeare.'
  8. 'By day four, I had melted into a slothful recluse: soul and body atrophying, hair matted, bed unmade, depressed and petulant - a real joy.'
  9. 'But the stereotype of today's footballer is the opposite of slothful.'
  10. 'Thus exercise, a new skill and a decent night's sleep and productive Thursday can replace overindulgence and a somewhat seedy and slothful Thursday.'


1. sluggardly; indolent; lazy.

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"people can be slothful."

"markets can be slothful."

"labels can be slothful."

"gitses can be slothful."

"eases can be slothful."

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