Adjective "Sloppy" Definition and Examples




    1. muddy, slushy, or very wet: The field was a sloppy mess after the rain.

    2. splashed or soiled with liquid.

    3. careless; loose: sloppy writing.

    4. untidy; slovenly: sloppy clothes; a sloppy eater.

    5. overly emotional; gushy: sloppy sentimentality.

    6. (of food or drink) prepared or served in an unappetizing way.

    7. (of clothes) loose-fitting; baggy: a big, sloppy sweater.

    8. (of the surface of a racetrack) wet from a recent or continuing he


    "people can be sloppy about details."

    "markets can be sloppy in short-terms."

    "markets can be sloppy at moments."

    "lines can be sloppy in/at/on evenings."

    "gasolines can be sloppy in places."

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