Adjective "Slim" Definition and Examples




    1. slender, as in girth or form; slight in build or structure.

    2. poor or inferior: a slim chance; a slim excuse.

    3. small or inconsiderable; meager; scanty: a slim income.

    4. sized for the thinner than average person. verb (used with object), slimmed, slimming.

    5. to make slim. verb (used without object), slimmed, slimming.

    6. to become slim.

    7. Chiefly British. to try to become more slender, especially by dieting. noun

    8. a garment size m


    "volumes can be slim with trades."

    "payoffs can be slim in terms."

    "margins can be slim for lefts."

    "margins can be slim as for rights."

    "downsides can be slim of researchs."

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