Adjective "Slight" Definition and Examples




    1. small in amount, degree, etc.: a slight increase; a slight odor.

    2. of little importance, influence, etc.; trivial: a slight cut.

    3. slender or slim; not heavily built.

    4. frail; flimsy; delicate: a slight fabric.

    5. of little substance or strength. verb (used with object)

    6. to treat as of little importance.

    7. to treat (someone) with indifference; ignore, especially pointedly or contemptuously; snub: to be slighted by society.

    8. to do


    "purchases can be slight to records."

    "impacts can be slight to calms."

    "impacts can be slight at filipinos."

    "impacts can be slight after tumbles."

    "turnovers can be slight at shares."

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