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(of hair, fur, or skin) smooth and glossy.
  1. 'This one's long gray coat seemed aged and worn, his sleek muscles still giving off hints that his age greatly surpassed all here.'
  2. 'This young man was handsome, in most of the village girls' opinions anyway, with long, sleek hair tied back in a ponytail and glittering green eyes.'
  3. 'Her eyes were tired and her skin scratched, hair sleek.'
  4. 'Her hair was sleek and made her look sexy and mature.'
  5. 'The Neotropical otter has short, dense, sleek pelage, which is described as a lustrous grayish-brown.'
  6. 'Lindsay is blonde, with sleek hair shimmering to her shoulders.'
  7. 'He was a magnificent specimen with a deep mahogany coat and sleek muscles.'
  8. 'His dark skin looked smooth and sleek and seemed to stretch over his muscles.'
  9. 'She hopped up onto the couch next to Kamrune, laid down and proceeded to clean her sleek fur.'
  10. 'He shook his head, sleek hair tumbling down into his face as usual.'
  11. 'a sleek black cat'
  12. 'The wolf looked from the sleek cat to Ellison, whimpered again, then turned and ran past the jaguar, down the corridor and out of sight.'
  13. 'Nicky and Graham Hill, from Wiltshire, were accompanied by two of their salukis - sleek hunting animals bred in the Middle East for thousands of years.'
  14. 'It looked like a sleek insect, but it charged too much, was not comfortable enough, and ultimately, proved not to be very safe.'
  15. 'On the other side were three sleek horses, tall, with shining coats, chestnut, black, and a pinto, golden-blonde and black.'
  16. 'Before we acquired Tom, our sleek black domestic feline, I'd believed their pristine media image.'
  17. 'He stood up, and a second later a sleek black wolf was beside me.'
  18. 'Sometimes he even saw traces of a sleek wolf in his profile.'
  19. 'He was not especially fluffy, in fact he was a very short-haired, sleek kitten, with suspicious tufts to the tops of his ears which made us suspect he was half lynx.'
  20. 'Although the houses pictured are amazing, it's the adorable pooches and sleek cats, not the stylish decor, that are meant to stick in your mind.'
  21. 'Yesterday, the animal was sleek and well-covered as he slid into the sea off East Pier in Howth harbour.'
  22. 'She can do washed-up and tuned-out, sleazy and half-dressed, sleek and oozing with wealth.'
  23. 'She's sleek, elegant, stylish and the epitome of New York City chic.'
  24. 'Jackson was all angles and possessed a stark thinness suggestive of angry starvation, whereas his sister was sleek.'
  25. 'He was sleek and lean, with a dancer's legs and long supple arms that looked even longer because of his sloping shoulders.'
  26. 'They have that eager look of youth in their bright eyes and attack those ferocious foam balls with the enthusiasm of sleek hunters.'
  27. 'He's sleek and well-shaped, his feathers long and healthy.'
  28. 'The platform was dominated by sleek lawyers and Tories.'
  29. 'An alcoholic and suicidal ad executive finds himself in a dive where a sleek girl in yellow is the cynosure of all the rowdy dancers.'
  30. 'Apart from the metamorphosis of the fat Raja into a sleek guy, the movie is simple and deals with human relationships.'
  31. 'Big mistake: his carved cut was only for small, sleek people - a certain model turned fashion editor, wore it to perfection.'
  32. 'his sleek black car slid through the traffic'
  33. 'It should be stylish yet classic, sleek and modern, but not stark.'
  34. 'The products are sleek, stylish, and affordable, clearly aimed at the young and hip consumer.'
  35. 'They're sleek enough to be worn under everyday clothes, moisture-wicking and warm, and flattering for all shapes and sizes.'
  36. 'Camera phones still have some way to go before they are truly sleek, and this shows more in the clamshell design than in a candy bar shape.'
  37. 'Nowadays, the heart of the computer is more likely to be a sleek, futuristically designed container that is both easy on the eye and handy to move around as well.'
  38. 'The great buildings began to rise higher, and now they were sleek and black, with great panels of glass that only reflected the darkness of the black sky.'
  39. 'They are sleek and modern, filled with ethereal light, with clean lines and spare spaces.'
  40. 'And if you fancy a stand-alone, there are still sleek and stylish options available.'
  41. 'The result is a sleek, stylish box that your spouse might even allow to be placed in the living room.'
  42. 'This jacket can be worn with sleek pants and a stylish shirt, or a classic sweater and jeans.'
  43. 'And more, in that sleek smile, he sensed a derisory note rising out of Lubin's relationship to Morris' sister, Celia.'
  44. 'I stood beneath the tinsel, understanding her now, her sleek smile, those dangerous eyes, her dares.'


Make (hair) smooth and glossy.
  1. 'I stumbled out of the room, icy sweat sleeking down my forehead and dripping off my shivering palms.'
  2. 'Blond hair met the bottom of his ears, sleeked back slightly.'
  3. 'I had sleeked back my black hair and put on a black sweater.'
  4. 'So these subtle communications play a substantial role in the same way as mammals display fear by sleeking their hair over their head.'
  5. 'The head is lowered and the neck extended so that the bill is parallel to body's main axis, and the feathers are sleeked against the body.'
  6. 'Then thinking of him without make-up and his hair neatly sleeked back she shuddered.'
  7. 'This open-winged posture is held while the bill is closed, the tail is fanned, the plumage is sleeked, and the body is motionless.'
  8. 'Iselle climbed into the car and sleeked back her hair with her hand before engaging the gears and pulling off again into the night.'
  9. 'Today however his hair was combed and sleeked back with loads of gel, his bangs brushed over his right eye; hanging into his face.'


1. smooth or glossy, as hair, an animal, etc.

2. well-fed or well-groomed.

3. trim and graceful; finely contoured; streamlined: a sleek sports car.

4. smooth in manners, speech, etc.; suave.

5. cleverly or deceitfully skillful; slick: a sleek confidence man.

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"salesmans can be sleek as cats."

"people can be sleek as seals."

"cars can be sleek."

"lines can be sleek."

"people can be sleek."

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(sleek)Late Middle English: a later variant of slick (adjective and verb).