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Free from pretence or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.
  1. 'The club has extended a sincere thanks to all that support the weekly lotto.'
  2. 'He created an absurd and funny universe that, though ridiculous, always seemed real and sincere.'
  3. 'What has he got to show us for all his well-hidden, but undoubtedly sincere, concern?'
  4. 'Your feeling for this person would therefore be very real and very sincere.'
  5. 'The way he captured Donald's sincere love, admiration, and envy for his brother was remarkable.'
  6. 'The painting also feels achingly sincere, while also appearing a little awkward.'
  7. 'Wouldn't a prayer or period of quiet reflection be more genuine and sincere?'
  8. 'As far as this is concerned, there was no distortion of facts, but only a sincere statement of their observations.'
  9. 'Let's have a real, sincere dialogue on that issue and then try to move forward together.'
  10. 'No political entity should object to the sincere efforts to improve the city in even the smallest way.'
  11. 'she'd sounded sincere enough'
  12. 'In his contact with people he was sincere and forthright, and always generous and ready to help in a practical way.'
  13. 'I mean a more subtle form which is displayed by even the most well meaning and sincere people.'
  14. 'I've no doubt they were sincere and am sure they don't want mass starvation.'
  15. 'I cannot discern anything tricksy in his demeanour, I really do believe that he is sincere.'
  16. 'If they were sincere they would open the entire process of the city budget allocation to the public.'
  17. 'We respect your willingness to debate with us, and we believe that you are sincere in your arguments.'
  18. 'He is being sincere, even if he's not always completely honest with his intentions.'
  19. 'What made it worse was that I couldn't even be sure he was sincere in suggesting we stood out as a nation of bookkeepers.'
  20. 'A sincere man, he says integrity makes sense from a business point of view.'
  21. 'Whilst most of these champions are articulate and sincere, they are also human, and therefore flawed.'


1. free of deceit, hypocrisy, or falseness; earnest: a sincere apology.

2. genuine; real: a sincere effort to improve; a sincere friend.

3. pure; unmixed; unadulterated.

4. Obsolete. sound; unimpaired.

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"people can be sincere about things."

"people can be sincere in things."

"authorities can be sincere about meetings."

"hosts can be sincere in things."

"queens can be sincere about things."

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Mid 16th century (also in the sense ‘not falsified, unadulterated’): from Latin sincerus ‘clean, pure’.