Adjective "Sharp-Edged" definition and examples

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Having a sharp edge or edges.
  1. 'Carve the inside using a melon baller or a small sharp-edged spoon, reserving the flesh.'
  2. 'The devotees walk on coals without suffering burns and pierce their bodies with sharp-edged iron rods.'
  3. 'Nikolas smiled, and picked up a gold, sharp-edged letter opener, studying it in the sunlight.'
  4. 'They were armed with rifles, swords and sharp-edged weapons.'
  5. 'Now unsafe to drive on, it's been replaced by a sharp-edged white concrete ford which looks very square in the water.'
  6. 'To our left was an alpine glacier dominated by sharp-edged icy pinnacles and to our right were walls of soaring rock.'
  7. 'Sharp-edged geometry and lush abundance - seemingly contradictory elements - share common ground in Kim's garden.'
  8. 'sharp-edged satire'
  9. 'A younger son of an ancient Tory house, he was intellectual, withdrawn and unsociable, seriously high church, sharp-edged in political controversy.'
  10. 'The opposing attorneys attack with sharp-edged questions, looking for an opening that will allow them to score an evidentiary point.'
  11. 'It is often thought that moral questions are inherently fuzzy and uncertain while factual questions are concrete and sharp-edged.'
  12. 'Maybe in her depression over this loss she's a little more sharp-edged than usual.'
  13. 'The dialogue is characteristically sharp-edged and forthright, but too much is left unsaid as to why characters act as they do.'



1. having a fine edge or edges.

2. acute and caustic: a sharp-edged wit.

More examples(as adjective)

"weapons can be sharp-edged."

"triangles can be sharp-edged."

"plates can be sharp-edged."

"pieces can be sharp-edged."

"marks can be sharp-edged."

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