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Relating to or characteristic of a particular season of the year.
  1. 'Psychologists look for such disorders and problems as seasonal affective disorder, aggressive behavior, alcohol abuse and depression.'
  2. 'Cooked leafy greens, plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables and lots of sweet juicy fruits are excellent for the skin.'
  3. 'Perennials like geraniums are the seasonal stars of gardens all around the country at the moment.'
  4. 'Allergens such as grass and tree pollens cause seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever).'
  5. 'Water firms have so far declined to impose hose pipe bans despite rainfall being well below its seasonal average.'
  6. 'The supply of fresh British seasonal food is at its peak in September.'
  7. 'And just remember that everything on the Swan coastal plain is so highly seasonal.'
  8. 'Fresh seasonal food, simply yet lovingly prepared, is all that matters.'
  9. 'You get the freshest, seasonal organic produce and you're supporting local farmers.'
  10. 'It was fresh and refreshing and seasonal and captured the mood of the day perfectly.'
  11. 'there are companies whose markets are seasonal'
  12. 'They help reduce labour costs and provide needed flexibility when there are seasonal fluctuations.'
  13. 'These five elements are not static, but fluctuate as they are affected by seasonal changes.'
  14. 'Rainfall was negatively correlated with the seasonal increase of mannitol content in ash.'
  15. 'Scientists discovered that seasonal changes in the polar cap sizes are major drivers of the atmospheric circulation.'
  16. 'Now it is falling hard in April, just as seasonal patterns suggested it would.'
  17. 'To test this hypothesis could throw useful light on seasonal regulation of northern insects.'
  18. 'Enso should not be used as a shortcut to a long term seasonal rainfall forecast.'
  19. 'Semi-arid areas are especially at risk because of seasonal or periodic drought.'
  20. 'The climate is highly seasonal, with a well-defined dry season from late November to mid-May.'


1. pertaining to, dependent on, or accompanying the seasons of the year or some particular season; periodical: seasonal work. noun

2. a seasonal product, employee, etc.: to hire seasonals.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be seasonal in/at/on times."

"people can be seasonal around dividends."

"works can be seasonal with works."

"products can be seasonal in natures."

"people can be seasonal in natures."

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