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A small piece or amount of something, especially one that is left over after the greater part has been used.
  1. 'scraps of information'
  2. 'He always had a treat for me; a piece of lard, scraps of smoked fish or ham served with a bright smile and a pat on the head.'
  3. 'If someone began putting together all the scraps of information about you that are scattered round the net in this form, they'd quickly build a pretty detailed picture of your life.'
  4. 'He saw deep tire tracks in the sand, with wood chips and a few scraps of driftwood littering the beach.'
  5. 'Over the course of the conference, numerous participants came up to the table and carefully stapled their scraps of paper to it.'
  6. 'I'd picked up these scraps of knowledge in two ways.'
  7. 'Random scraps of memories of days gone by kept coming all day.'
  8. 'All of the Security Council resolutions and condemnations would still be issued and still be ignored, scraps of paper amounting to nothing.'
  9. 'She got up and went to the box where she kept special scraps of paper or clippings.'
  10. 'The nearby street was littered with shattered vehicles, pieces of glass, bricks, mangled steel and scraps of clothing.'
  11. 'He was doing something unheard of: calling the hunters in their territories, looking for scraps of information.'
  12. 'Municipal wastes include basic household wastes such as papers, cans, bottles, food scraps, and other debris typically generated by households.'
  13. 'I am astounded that we are not able to put compostable waste such as food scraps etc in the green bin.'
  14. 'From our experience, the process may take up to two weeks, and adding fresh food scraps to the new bin will encourage the migration.'
  15. 'The preferred dish for festivals, guinea pigs, are often raised in the house and provide a productive use for kitchen scraps and discarded food.'
  16. 'The skim milk and household food scraps were fed to the pigs.'
  17. 'Instead of premium feed, goats are given food industry scraps, low-quality hay, or an overload of cheap grains.'
  18. 'Soon the cats began to feed on people's discarded food scraps.'
  19. 'His perfect amber-colored eyes widened nervously, hopefully, like a frightened animal begging for scraps.'
  20. 'After their adventure, the piglets will be relaxing at Divernagh and feasting on pig meal and scraps until they are re-housed.'
  21. 'Soft-drink and beer cans, food wrappers and scraps, incense sticks and general debris were evident after these sessions.'
  22. 'there was not a scrap of aggression in him'
  23. 'Without a scrap of make-up, the chocolate-box prettiness is still there: the clear turquoise eyes, creamy skin and chiselled bone structure are luminous.'
  24. 'No amount of festive tips on the perfect table centrepiece or how to wrap an awkwardly-shaped present will make a scrap of difference.'
  25. 'He said: ‘There was not a scrap of salt on the road - it was like a skating rink and really treacherous.’'
  26. 'There isn't a scrap of evidence that race had anything to do with it.'
  27. 'And if that sentence makes a scrap of sense then it's more than it deserves.'
  28. 'He is a hard worker, a decent bloke, cautious to the core, a mediator, a facilitator and without a scrap of charisma, a boring, grating speaker and bad orator.'
  29. 'I have a bondsman who is willing to post $1 million bond without a scrap of collateral because he tells me that there is no risk that he would run.'
  30. 'It is a pity that he didn't think of that when he accused the IRA, without a scrap of evidence being presented, of carrying out the Northern bank robbery.'
  31. 'If I remember correctly from my antediluvian youth, he's in there right now endlessly combing his hair but it won't make a scrap of difference.'
  32. 'So you have an ethics officer in a department or corporation, but no one will take a scrap of notice of them.'
  33. 'poor little scrap, she's too hot in that tight coat'
  34. 'she was wearing a short black skirt and a tiny scrap of a top'
  35. 'Is he referring to the big part where they're growing opium and selling it for weapons, or the tiny scrap our guy holds with a lot of help from our guns?'
Discarded metal for reprocessing.
  1. 'If all else fails, the cylinders can be recycled as scrap metal at your local metal yard.'
  2. 'It is feared the bronze ducks may be melted and sold as scrap metal.'
  3. 'Other companies take scrap metal and melt it down for use in lowgrade metal products like garden furniture and sign posts.'
  4. 'More common were the homes built from pallets and scrap metal, and in some cases from empty plastic bottles.'
  5. 'Undaunted, he used his welding skills to sculpt an emu from scrap metal and when it sold for £200 he was launched on a new career.'
  6. 'The people of Mayo and the North West will soon be able to conveniently dispose of their scrap metal.'
  7. 'In 1942 he made his first sculptures - constructions of wire and scrap metal.'
  8. 'Even though the value of scrap metal is currently high, motorists can no longer expect to be paid for their worn-out vehicles.'
  9. 'The situation has largely come about, apparently, because of a substantial drop in the value of scrap metal.'
  10. 'He once worked night shift as a security guard, then went straight to a day shift in a car salesroom and sold scrap metal on the side.'
  11. 'we're burning scrap lumber'
  12. 'Salvagable scrap materials from the ship will also be stripped and sold.'
  13. 'Once you find out they don't fit as planned, prepare to wedge some scrap pieces of material to fill the gaps.'
  14. 'We stop at the shelving where the scrap fiberglass is kept waiting to be used as storage doors.'
  15. 'You can also create shelters using old flowerpots or scrap lumber that appeal to toads, bees, and bats.'
  16. 'I showed them our pile of scrap lumber and told them they could have whatever they wanted if they'd build a fort with it.'
  17. 'Adding to the damage is the ever-worsening shortage of international raw materials like scrap iron and wheat, one of main factors causing inflation.'
  18. 'We have worked with a lot of scrap materials, which we have now painted up.'
  19. 'The charity wants to get more children involved in recycling and using scrap materials to encourage environmental awareness.'
  20. 'A cold frame in a sunny corner uses no resources except scrap lumber and an old window frame.'
  21. 'Make a super sturdy one with some old building blocks, or raid your dad's work bench for pieces of scrap wood.'


Discard or remove from service (a redundant, old, or inoperative vehicle, vessel, or machine), especially so as to convert it to scrap metal.
  1. 'Fishermen who want to trade up and buy a bigger boat usually scrap their existing vessel and buy extra tonnage from the market.'
  2. 'Before the van was scrapped, the engineer-in-training removed some components.'
  3. 'They might be able to make repairs and renovations, or they might be able to scrap this ship and get a different model.'
  4. 'It seems there is no end to boats being scrapped, with yet another vessel being taken out of the Kilkeel fleet.'
  5. 'We would appeal to people not to scrap these cars.'
  6. 'At the beginning of the year 2000 UK oil giants seemed poised to scrap the boats and replace them with helicopters.'
  7. 'A year earlier a start had been made on dismantling the batteries, and seventeen electric cabs were scrapped.'
  8. 'Eventually, this will damage the engine: but if you're going to scrap the car within a year or two, does that matter?'
  9. 'New and safer taxis will also be introduced, as unsafe vehicles are scrapped.'
  10. 'My daughter's laptop screen has gone dim and she has been told to scrap the machine because it is old.'
  11. 'he supports the idea that road tax should be scrapped'
  12. 'It has scrapped plans for speed bumps in Waldegrave Road and is proposing instead an enforced 20 mph zone.'
  13. 'Thankfully, these plans were quickly scrapped.'
  14. 'In Sheffield, where the limits on cabs were scrapped in 1998, the number of taxis rose from 300 to 457 in 2003.'
  15. 'The Local Government Bill published yesterday also scraps the plans to directly elect mayors of county and city councils.'
  16. 'The new man in Bute House has already purged his Cabinet and now he's scrapping his predecessor's policy agenda.'
  17. 'The Council, which owns the car park over the road used by many customers, has now scrapped the refund policy.'
  18. 'Both men pledged that scrapping London's £5 traffic congestion charge, which comes into force today, would be a priority for whoever was picked.'
  19. 'The MTA is already scrapping plans to buy new subway cars and buses, and will put several major station-upgrade projects on hold.'
  20. 'The plan was scrapped in 2001 after planning wrangles.'
  21. '‘They scrapped their plans last week,’ said a senior industry source.'
  22. 'Of course, scrapping the need-blind policy is not the sole option.'


A fight or quarrel, especially a minor or spontaneous one.
  1. 'he had several minor scraps with the army authorities'
  2. 'Fights, scuffles, and scraps have a long history in playgrounds, schools, pubs, clubs, and workplaces.'
  3. 'This is a chance for their players to escape from the relentless pressure of a relegation scrap and revel in the media attention that this tie will attract.'
  4. 'At the end of a minor classic of a scrap, the judges could barely separate the two fighters.'
  5. '‘On days like this you have to play the elements as well as the opposition, which is why it was a bit of a scrap and fight,’ said the manager.'
  6. 'The grand final rematch was a defensive scrap with Thornlie showing great resilience to fight back to win by a goal.'
  7. 'You see in most of my fights I love a scrap, and he just caught me off guards.'
  8. 'The Koreans are controlling this game, winning the scraps in midfield and releasing the ball first time to feet.'
  9. 'They were inclined to lose the head, and there were often altercations and scraps going on as speeches were being delivered.'
  10. 'It wasn't long before I was having a tussle with a pike, which gave me a great scrap.'
  11. 'He wasn't a man to back away from a scrap when he was a player, and he said he wouldn't this time.'


Engage in a minor fight or quarrel.
  1. 'His daughter and his ex scrapped in front of the crowd leading granny to faint at the service.'
  2. 'Maybe it was because Nicole and Adam were scrapping all the time - the engagement's off.'
  3. 'It turns out that it was BNP officials he was scrapping with.'
  4. 'At 6-foot-7 and 250 pounds, the giant enjoys giving his team momentum boosts by scrapping with defenders.'
  5. 'She does not just fight, she scraps, battles and will not lie down.'
  6. 'There are two girls scrapping over something trivial.'
  7. 'The Liberal Democrats, who claim growing support for their ‘fairer’ local income tax alternative, were delighted to see their rivals scrapping.'
  8. 'As he has grown, we have argued and scrapped like siblings.'
  9. 'the two drivers scrapped for the lead'
  10. 'Confirmation of Webber's move will trigger another frenzy of deal-making as drivers scrap for the last few available places on the grid.'
  11. 'Inevitably, though, the increased production means everyone will be scrapping for profits as competition heats up.'
  12. 'Trailing 11-3 at the interval, the youngsters scrapped with every sinew before finally falling 14-11.'
  13. 'Symons said: ‘We played some good football at times and we are scrapping for our lives.’'
  14. 'The better spectacle may prove to be half the division scrapping to avoid relegation rather than the nip and tuck which will signify the top.'
  15. 'A blogger has to fight and scrap and scrape every day, every post, for each and every reader.'
  16. 'They are just riddled with contradiction and dispute amongst themselves, scrapping as they do to try to gain power.'
  17. 'The teams know they are going to have to fight and scrap for everything so they are still battling in the 93rd or 94th minute.'

More definitions

1. a small piece or portion; fragment: a scrap of paper.

2. scraps. bits or pieces of food, especially of leftover or discarded food. the remains of animal fat after the oil has been tried out.

3. a detached piece of something written or printed: scraps of poetry.

4. an old, discarded, or rejected item or substance for use in reprocessing or as raw material, as old metal that can be melted and reworked.

5. chips, cuttings, fragments, or other small pieces of raw material removed

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"places can be scrap after offices."

"metals can be scrap."

"prices can be scrap."

"tariffs can be scrap."

"cargoes can be scrap."

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(scrap)Late 17th century (as a noun in the sense ‘sinister plot, scheme’): perhaps from the noun scrape.