Adjective "Scant" Definition and Examples




    1. barely sufficient in amount or quantity; not abundant; almost inadequate: to do scant justice.

    2. limited; meager; not large: a scant amount.

    3. barely amounting to as much as indicated: a scant two hours; a scant cupful.

    4. having an inadequate or limited supply (usually followed by of): scant of breath. verb (used with object)

    5. to make scant; diminish.

    6. to stint the supply of; withhold.

    7. to treat slightly or inadequately. adverb


    "volumes can be scant in comparisons."

    "trades can be scant in/at/on weeks."

    "facilities can be scant in places."

    "details can be scant of deals."

    "details can be scant about situations."

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