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An aromatic plant of the mint family, used as a culinary herb.
  1. 'Certain herbs will also grow well in cooler temperatures including cilantro, winter thyme, winter savory & sage.'
  2. 'A versatile culinary herb that belongs to the same plant family as thyme is winter savory.'

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1. pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell: a savory aroma.

2. piquant: a savory jelly.

3. pleasing, attractive, or agreeable. noun, plural savories.

4. British. an aromatic, often spicy course or dish served either as an appetizer or as a dessert, as pickled fish or brandied fruit.

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"pots can be savory."

"pieces can be savory."

"pastries can be savory."

"pancakes can be savory."

"offers can be savory."

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(savory)Middle English: perhaps from Old English sætherie, or via Old French, from Latin satureia.