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More liquid than is usual or expected.
  1. 'Add to the point where the glaze is a little on the runny side, but not too thin where it won't stick to your brush.'
  2. 'It has been two days since I've eaten, and even then it was only a small bowl of thin, runny gruel.'
  3. 'The tomato sauce on the deep-dish is known to be chunky; for those of you who like thin, runny stuff, I think the thin crust isn't as bad.'
  4. 'Visitors were given the possibility of pressing the button to transform the fish into a runny liquid.'
  5. 'I think a bit of heat helps a lot of cheese, and nothing can beat a runny Raclette, or melting Fontina or Reblochon over hot buttery potato slices that have caught slightly.'
  6. 'The staff of the Orchids tea room were so delightful that I went away beaming and saying ‘yes everything was fine’, when with hindsight the bread was plastic and the cauliflower cheese runny.'
  7. 'The béarnaise sauce was now so thin and runny it had the consistency of water and didn't taste good at all.'
  8. 'Oversaturated with oxygen-carrying red cells, the EPO-user's blood can thicken to the consistency of runny jam, clogging the arteries, and putting the heart under immense strain.'
  9. 'Eggs should be just past the runny stage but after standing for 1-2 minutes, they will be set and will look similar to conventionally cooked eggs.'
  10. 'These stains are generally thin and runny, so application can be messy.'
(of a person's nose) producing or discharging mucus.
  1. 'Your sinus cavities produce mucus to help expel viruses, so a runny nose is actually desirable.'
  2. 'A runny nose, a sneeze, and some mucus in the eyes might be all that signals the disease's arrival.'
  3. 'Influenza, or the flu, is an infectious and contagious respiratory disease leading to symptoms from a simple dry cough, runny nose and sore throat to a fever or chills.'
  4. 'However, some patients seek help late in the season, when their symptoms have progressed from a runny nose to sticky yellow mucus with red, hot itchy and swollen eyes.'
  5. 'The virus usually causes severely matted eyes, runny noses and pneumonia, spreading from animal to animal through direct contact with body fluids or by scratching, clawing or biting.'
  6. 'I've long since passed the violent sneezing and endlessly flowing runny noise phase.'
  7. 'Symptoms include sore throat, runny nose, cough, muscle pain, fever, bloodshot eyes, tiny white spots inside the mouth, sensitivity to light.'
  8. 'I just looked up the symptoms of cat flu - which are sneezing, a runny nose and discharge from the eyes.'
  9. 'The other gives people a bit a headache and runny nose (or better still - no illness at all.)'
  10. 'Patients suffering from cold can have symptoms ranging from dryness and pain in the throat, sneezing, runny nose, chills, fever, fatigue and joint pain.'


1. tending to run or drip: a runny paste.

2. (of the nose) discharging mucus.

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"noses can be runny."

"eyes can be runny."

"people can be runny."

"stools can be runny."

"insides can be runny."

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