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Imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past.
  1. 'But when a graphic designer uses a typeface that is older than 30 years, it is dismissed as retro, nostalgia or emptiness.'
  2. 'The Night Gallery is a small cabaret that has Hard Rock Café styled décor with retro memorabilia covering the walls from floor to ceiling.'
  3. 'The designers have pulled off the difficult trick of taking the inspiration from a classic shape while making the car look fresh rather than retro.'
  4. 'It was furnished in a retro - 1950s style, not because he liked that style, but because his mother had extra pieces she did not need.'
  5. 'The Bandai-published remake delivers the best of both ages, making over retro robot designs with flashy modern animation.'
  6. 'Making over the icon and putting the classic glass bottles back in circulation may have a certain retro appeal with Coke's younger drinkers.'
  7. 'The style is heightened by the restrained color palette and decidedly retro feel to the animation.'
  8. 'The diner was an 80's retro diner that looked like it was still from the 80's.'
  9. 'The graphically crisp, retro lettering style adds a whiff of nostalgia to this evocation of language's reflexive capacity.'
  10. 'They all turned to see a freckled face red-haired girl in a 80's retro type green dress and pumps.'


Retro clothes, music, or style.
  1. 'A ‘Top Ten’ for 2004 is tough, so I've come up with a top ten of best viewing experiences, some being retros seen again or for the first time - no real order.'
  2. 'It's new, but cannily designed with a heavy dose of retro.'


  1. 'One last flash from the retros, and they were motionless.'
  2. 'Vix hit the retros, frantically pulled up so that the Eternal's nose was almost hitting the ceiling, and activated the belly thrusters at full power just before they hit the wall.'
  3. 'The protective armor cowlings lifted up and the retros let loose with a thunderous blast that slowed the ship down a lot, but not enough.'


1. retroactive: retro pay.

2. of or designating the style of an earlier time: retro clothes.

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"looks can be retro."

"ads can be retro."

"wears can be retro."

"gases can be retro."

"fads can be retro."

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1960s: from French rétro, abbreviation of rétrograde ‘retrograde’.