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Make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.
  1. 'the workforce has been reduced to some 6,100'
  2. 'The next car will be second hand and have a smaller engine to reduce fuel costs.'
  3. 'This vacuum not only holds products in place, it also compacts the package size, reducing the amount of space they take up in cartons.'
  4. 'This reduces costs for both business and the Government.'
  5. 'They have greatly reduced the size and cost of most electronic products, while at the same time increasing their power and versatility.'
  6. 'A new one-piece case also reduces size and cost.'
  7. 'It also helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.'
  8. 'It is not surprising that Europeans are prepared to pay a considerable amount to reduce the risk of such a change.'
  9. 'The current focus is on risk management and reducing the costs of handling claims.'
  10. 'By practicing sound risk management on a daily basis, you can reduce and eliminate potential accidents and injuries.'
  11. 'Employers gain a better-trained workforce and reduced search costs for new employees.'
  12. 'The branch network remains extensive, but it has reduced in size in recent years.'
  13. 'Instead the amount of the loan reduces with the depreciation of the sum lent, commonly at the rate of 4 % per annum for five years.'
  14. 'Without appropriate training, most animal tissues reduce in size.'
  15. 'Thereafter the slope weathers uniformly, maintaining its angle but reducing in size.'
  16. 'As they kept going, the amount of trees reduced, but she also noticed with her now keen senses that there were more animals as she heard more rustling sounds.'
  17. 'At the same time the number of senior managers has slightly reduced.'
  18. 'Before the end of his treatment a specialist at the Great Western Hospital's Osprey Unit said his tumour had reduced from the size of a melon to that of an orange.'
  19. 'Recent scans have shown that the tumour has reduced in size and appears to be less active.'
  20. 'I looked over, and for the first time, I noticed that my belly had drastically reduced in size.'
  21. 'increase the heat and reduce the liquid'
  22. 'Next, take out the lobsters, keep them warm and reduce the cooking liquid.'
  23. 'If it is not, lift out the potatoes with a slotted spoon into a serving dish and reduce the sauce further by boiling.'
  24. 'When the sauce is reduced, pour over the oxtail and reheat gently.'
  25. 'Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes, reducing the liquid to a syrupy consistency.'
  26. 'As soon as the sauce has reduced by half, swirl in the butter and a little finely chopped mint.'
  27. 'Add the vinegar, raise the heat to high, and cook one minute to reduce the liquid.'
  28. 'Add the wings back to the pan along with the chicken stock and tarragon and reduce the liquid by two thirds.'
  29. 'by May she had reduced to 9 stone'
  30. 'I have noted that the print is reduced considerably during this washing process, but usually regains its full tonal range in the fix.'
Bring someone or something to (a worse or less desirable state or condition)
  1. 'the church was reduced to rubble'
  2. 'They'd be reduced to blubbering babies, begging for their lives.'
  3. 'A large part of the Paradise Hotel was reduced to rubble and the rest was reduced to a smouldering shell.'
  4. 'They, who had had careers and their own money, were reduced to baby-sitters and had to ask their husbands for money.'
  5. 'The family was distraught on Monday after a lifetime's possessions were reduced to ashes in just minutes.'
  6. 'By Sunday morning more than 300,000 buildings had disappeared and two-thirds of the city were reduced to smouldering ashes.'
  7. 'Yet the group failed to produce any biological agent, and were reduced to poking bags with umbrellas to disseminate the sarin gas they were able to make.'
  8. 'Staff were ‘breaking down in tears of frustration’ as they were reduced to calculating cases on paper, MPs heard.'
  9. 'Even the Germans, who had taken a lot of goals off Rangers in the semi-final and were a top side, were reduced to chasing shadows by the end.'
  10. 'Instead, the drug companies are reduced to producing slightly different versions of pre-existing products, which in the end is a zero-sum game.'
  11. 'Proving to be an ice-breaker, most of the class were reduced to fits of laughter.'
  12. 'It was quite remarkable: all of a sudden, thinking Australians were reduced to shrieks of joys when a colourful rag was unfurled, (even an outdated and clearly colonial-era one at that).'
  13. 'It had a shattering effect on those present and men and women, who normally take the dangers of racing in their stride, were reduced to tears.'
  14. 'But minutes later the same packed grandstands were reduced to tears after their ‘King’ had died in a most public way as he suffered a heart attack and collapsed, dying almost immediately.'
  15. 'At special test screenings, seven out of ten viewers were reduced to tears by the poignant, but simple messages portrayed in the film.'
  16. 'Several other residents present have described the governors' behaviour as ‘obnoxious’, and some were reduced to tears.'
Change a substance to (a different or more basic form)
  1. 'Next, days-old worker bees beat their wings to ventilate the open honeycombs, in order to reduce the substance to a purer sugar.'
  2. 'he reduces unimaginable statistics to manageable proportions'
  3. 'This is not only unsupported by the text, it also takes the mystery out of the play, reducing it to a simplistic piece of psychological realism.'
  4. 'He approaches the subject with thoroughness and a distinct effort to reduce its apparent complexity to simpler, actionable concepts.'
  5. 'To reduce these experiences to simplistic dichotomies and folk concepts erases the complexity of embodied experiences and the cultural logic that underpins them.'
  6. 'This is when a politician reduces a complex situation to a simplistic argument for the sole purpose of political gain.'
  7. 'His designs reduced a natural subject to its essentials.'
  8. 'There is no need to reduce the proper fractions to their lowest forms - Euclid's algorithm will still give the correct CF.'
Cause to combine chemically with hydrogen.
  1. no object 'this compound reduces to potassium chloride'
  2. 'During these reactions, the molecule that donates the electron is oxidized and the molecule that accepts the electron is reduced.'
  3. 'Reactions in which atoms of the same element are both oxidized and reduced are disproportionation reactions.'
Restore (a dislocated part of the body) to its proper position by manipulation or surgery.
  1. 'The dislocation should be reduced as soon as possible.'
  2. 'Kocher's manoeuvre was attempted to reduce the dislocation.'
Besiege and capture (a town or fortress).
  1. 'Further, he set aside the likelihood that siege guns and time would reduce the fortress.'

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1. that is or has been reduced.

2. Mathematics. noting a polynomial equation in which the second highest power is missing: The cubic equation x 3− 4x + 4 = 0is reduced.

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"volumes can be reduced from sessions."

"rates can be reduced in/at/on percents."

"depots can be reduced to piles."

"bases can be reduced to places."

"volumes can be reduced in/at/on weeks."

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Late Middle English: from Latin reducere, from re- ‘back, again’ + ducere ‘bring, lead’. The original sense was ‘bring back’ (hence ‘restore’, now surviving in reduce (sense 5)); this led to ‘bring to a different state’, then ‘bring to a simpler or lower state’ (hence reduce (sense 3)); and finally ‘diminish in size or amount’ ( reduce (sense 1), dating from the late 18th century).


reduced circumstances
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