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(of food) not cooked.
  1. 'salsify can be eaten raw in salads'
  2. 'He's thinking about opening another shop, and perhaps a restaurant where you could choose your slab of raw meat for cooking.'
  3. 'Avoid uncooked food, such as raw fruits and vegetables, instead sticking to cooked veggies and meats.'
  4. 'Keep the kitchen clean, especially when preparing raw meat, eggs, and poultry.'
  5. 'Both dishes were marvellous; fine raw ingredients cooked to juicy, succulent perfection and allowed to stand for themselves without the need for endless sauces and marinades.'
  6. 'Hands should also be washed frequently while preparing foods, especially between handling raw and cooked food.'
  7. 'Eating diets that consist of only raw, uncooked foods is a small but influential trend.'
  8. 'Place cooked meats and raw items for the barbecue, as well as items more likely to be used last, on the bottom of the cooler close to the cooling source.'
  9. 'Pregnant women should avoid foods made with raw or partially cooked eggs, like egg nog and hollandaise sauce.'
  10. 'She stood there in flip-flops and an orange silk blouse, cooking soy-sauced strips of raw beef.'
  11. 'Fresh raw beans have a crunchy sweetness; when cooked, they are rich and creamy.'
  12. 'raw sewage'
  13. 'Usually the water mixes with the raw sewage, clogging up the drainage system.'
  14. 'Similar in texture and appearance to paint, these materials can be applied to almost any building material, including raw wood, drywall and steel.'
  15. 'There'll always be a huge demand here for raw wool from Australia, provided we can keep the spindles here spinning wool and keep them away from spinning synthetics.'
  16. 'The bride, given in marriage by her father Frank, looked radiant in an ivory raw silk dress with diamanté detail and long train.'
  17. 'Large shipments of raw silk, tea, and coffee, as well as the traditional pepper and spices, also came from Asia.'
  18. 'there were a number of errors in the raw data'
  19. 'Figure 4 summarizes the test system, which includes the data processing software to process the raw data.'
  20. 'In some studies, new analyses were performed from raw data supplied by the principal investigators.'
  21. 'The net result is that using statistical analysis on raw primary sequence data sometimes leads to rather unlikely results.'
  22. 'An article was judged as empirical if it manipulated some type of raw data in its analysis.'
  23. 'I therefore wrote to a large range of other users of the questionnaire and asked for copies of their raw data so that I could carry out the requisite analyses myself.'
  24. 'Annotation is the process of converting raw DNA sequence data into biological knowledge.'
  25. 'Our raw web statistics show 3.5 million visits for March.'
  26. 'Besides presentation of the data in the form of diverse graphs, evaluation of the raw data is also possible.'
  27. 'The raw data is then processed through layers of neurons.'
  28. 'Here, we discuss some of more interesting preliminary findings garnered from a descriptive statistical analysis of the raw data.'
(of a part of the body) red and painful, especially as the result of skin abrasion.
  1. 'Without looking, Otto knew the skin was open and raw underneath.'
  2. 'My hands still bleed if I move my fingers too quickly, but the doc says the raw skin and general tenderness will gradually go away.'
  3. 'I scrubbed until my skin was raw.'
  4. 'Mischa scooped out some creamy-white ointment and carefully applied it to the raw, bloody skin on Hazel's right leg and foot, gently rubbing it into the sore skin.'
  5. 'She rubbed her skin, it was raw and ached at the touch.'
  6. 'This potent grease-cutting chemical melts away the first few layers of skin on my hands, leaving them dry, cracked and painfully raw.'
  7. 'I was still furiously wiping at my eyes with my sleeve, and my skin was raw from the friction.'
  8. 'Some grazes only take off the surface layer of skin leaving a raw tender area underneath, some are much deeper.'
  9. 'The wounds were still too raw and painful for the fragile bandages to be removed.'
  10. 'Stiff muscles and raw skin make basic movements extremely difficult.'
  11. 'Fran's nerves were raw'
  12. 'It was too emotive a subject, the public's nerves were too raw, and I was convinced my publisher would have no appetite for a book whose subject matter was ripped from today's headlines.'
  13. 'I think we must have touched a couple of raw nerves, a couple of very raw nerves.'
  14. 'Who could have known that this little volume would hit such a global raw nerve (the hardback version has sold more than 3m copies)?'
  15. 'Those figures may have been dubious but, for an itinerant preacher, he had a pretty way with words that struck a raw nerve.'
  16. 'Oh good grief, I've touched on a raw nerve there then.'
  17. 'It seems that my advertisement has struck a raw nerve with the councillor.'
  18. 'But to be funny it has to hit the raw nerve of truth - or be so grotesque it is funny in its own right.'
  19. 'I was surprised and amused that my letter should have hit such a raw nerve with Mrs Jones.'
  20. 'When the mudthrowing and name calling becomes nasty, then you know a raw nerve has been prodded.'
  21. 'And, finally, the programme also struck a raw nerve or two, but the less said about that the better.'
(of an emotion or quality) strong and undisguised.
  1. 'Outwardly I cope well with these situations but inwardly, so much raw emotion and intensity I find hard to deal with at times.'
  2. 'The fast footwork, rhythmic clapping and haunting singing radiate an atmosphere of passion and raw emotion.'
  3. 'I saw his anger, his hurt and his pain so bare and so raw.'
  4. 'Reading about it obviously brought a lot of raw emotions and memories to the forefront of people's minds.'
  5. 'But she says she is careful to reflect the grief and raw emotion of both sides equally.'
  6. 'The event is expected to be a supercharged night of high emotion and raw nostalgia when one of the greatest adventure stories of all time will be told by the men who made it happen.'
  7. 'The emotion was raw, the anger was genuine and the agony was heartfelt.'
  8. 'These pieces were sharp and biting, making no apologies for being unedited and written on the fly while emotions are still raw.'
  9. 'He stated that the raw feeling of the emotions that brought him to tears is what startled him the most.'
  10. 'If passion, poetry and raw emotion are lacking in the current scene, there's something to be said for learning from the masters.'
  11. 'a raw, uncompromising portrait'
  12. 'What I found within many of the entries was a totally uncut style of writing - writing which was personal, direct, bold, raw.'
  13. 'His raw, blunt style appeals to the disaffected, the outcast, the romantic, the loner and the apolitical, and it always will.'
  14. 'This is perhaps what makes his music so raw and honest - the fact that it is a base celebration of everything that's wrong in popular culture today.'
  15. 'The result is the most raw and real portrayal of how a rock group works and how it sometimes doesn't.'
  16. 'Here is something raw, as yet uncompromised, and engaged with some sort of reality.'
  17. 'It's a little ironic that the star once known for his raw and uncompromising comedy, has appeared in two PG-rated films this summer.'
  18. 'I don't think anyone could entirely grasp who I am from watching the show, but what was shown was very raw and honest.'
  19. 'They can be raw, honest, even emotional, but not stylish, and never beautiful.'
  20. 'Like the label itself, the music is often raw, uncompromising, rebellious, and experimental.'
  21. 'People might say they are calm but the way we've cut up the landscape here is raw, brutal, hillsides of houses brushing right up against the forest.'
  22. 'The language was on the raw side with the four letter word getting great mileage.'
  23. 'It was moving and it was funny, and her language is beautiful and raw and brutal.'
  24. 'But aside from the odd moment, the album gets lost amid its pumped-up ethos of hard, hard beats, raw language and stereotypical outlook.'
  25. 'The dialogue between the characters, while littered with profanities and raw language, is verbose and prosaic.'
  26. 'Her raw lyrics and range of styles are hard-hitting and addictive.'
  27. 'The author masterfully captures the narratives by using humor, raw language and thought-provoking descriptions.'
  28. 'Be warned, that many of these excerpts are raw and crude.'
(of the weather) cold and damp; bleak.
  1. 'A climb out of the woods brought the shock of the raw, cold, outside world, and a bracing but easy track back.'
  2. 'It was raw, damp, dark, and dismal; the clouds were as muddy as the ground; and the short perspective of every street and avenue, was closed up by the mist as by a filthy curtain.'
  3. 'Luckily, while the weather was cold - 30 to 36 degrees - it wasn't a raw cold.'
  4. 'The cloying heat of the cottage was replaced by the raw coldness of the night.'
New to an activity or job and therefore lacking experience or skill.
  1. 'His skills are raw, but he progressed enough to start on the right side by the end of his rookie season.'
  2. 'Earlier this week I went to a catering college in West London to meet my latest batch of raw recruits and train them up in just four days to cook in a busy London restaurant.'
  3. 'Almost half of today's Army is married - some of them raw recruits.'
  4. 'Owners with money don't really need to evaluate raw talent, just buy players who are greedy.'
  5. 'They raised a force of 6,000 to join the army - raw recruits, including many London apprentices.'
  6. 'Brigadier Monro's staff of 600 Army personnel and 200 civilians will help to turn raw recruits into trained soldiers.'
  7. 'We were raw recruits, all looking alike, equally uncomfortable in their new outfits.'
  8. 'His raw skills and competitiveness make him a terrific prospect, but the learning curve will continue to be steep.'
  9. 'The unit has the raw talent and experience to compete with anyone and appears to have the best chemistry of any grouping.'
  10. 'These were exceptions largely brought about by incompetent leadership, raw recruits, a disdain for the enemy, and involving an element of tactical surprise.'
(of the edge of a piece of cloth) not having a hem or selvedge.
  1. 'For a fine finish on short-haired furs, finish the raw edge with seam binding and secure the hem with double catch-stitching as noted above.'
  2. 'Baste the folded trim strip to the fabric band, matching the long raw edges.'
  3. 'To machine-stitch a blind hem, fold up the hem, then turn back the garment just below the hem raw edge.'
  4. 'With right sides together, place one back panel on an appliquéd front panel, aligning the raw edges on one short end.'
  5. 'Stitch again within the seam allowances, or serge or zigzag the raw edges.'
  6. 'Serge or zigzag the raw edges with matching thread.'
  7. 'Make a small diagonal clip through both the hem allowance and facing at the corner where the two raw edges intersect.'
  8. 'If you have a taste for the couture side of sewing, try a Hong Kong finish on all raw edges.'
  9. 'Work on a protected surface and place a piece of waxed paper over the fabric, exposing just the narrow raw edge.'
  10. 'It has a two-way full-zip front and raw edge stitch styling.'
From a traditional tribal or rural culture.


    1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

    2. not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture: raw cotton.

    3. unnaturally or painfully exposed, as flesh, by removal of the skin or natural integument.

    4. painfully open, as a sore or wound.

    5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste: raw humor.

    6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.

    7. brutally or grossly fr

    More examples(as adjective)

    "parties can be raw because of violences."

    "parties can be raw because of killings."

    "throats can be raw with emptinesses."

    "syllables can be raw in nostrilses."

    "suns can be raw against necks."

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    Old English hrēaw, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch rauw and German roh, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek kreas ‘raw flesh’.


    come the raw prawn
    in the raw
    a raw deal
    touch someone on the raw