Adjective "Profusion" definition and examples

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An abundance or large quantity of something.
  1. mass noun 'the beautiful pink foxgloves growing in profusion among the ferns'
  2. 'Caudwell throws up his hands in despair at the extravagant profusion of theories.'
  3. 'Nature's abundance and metamorphic energy stimulates a similar profusion in the poet.'
  4. 'Sadly, the profusion of animated logos seems unlikely to abate any time soon.'
  5. 'Anyone who has used a lead light while camped out on a warm night will know what a profusion of bugs will be attracted to it.'
  6. 'A profusion of roses, old fashioned and modern, and herbaceous plants scent the air.'
  7. 'The choir stalls displayed large bunches of wheat and asparagus ferns, while colour was added by a profusion of dahlias.'
  8. 'The profusion reigning everywhere gave birth to luxury and pride.'
  9. 'The profusion of the greenery allows feeling comfortable even during July heat.'
  10. 'Instead of taking joy in the profusion of spring blooms, Jane struggles to take a breath.'
  11. 'Though we had been led to expect that the latter dish would be a profusion of different ingredients and flavours, John simply could not pick them out.'

More definitions


1. abundance; abundant quantity.

2. a great quantity or amount (often followed by of).

3. lavish spending; extravagance.


(profusion)Mid 16th century: via French from Latin profusio(n-), from profundere ‘pour out’. Early use expressed the senses ‘extravagance’, ‘squandering’, and ‘waste’.