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Producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities.
  1. 'Some have managed to take an interest in their land and make it productive, but many have simply reaped the standing crop and then left the land derelict.'
  2. 'White farmers would sell their land to the black community, and then help keep it productive.'
  3. 'They can be grown on land that's less productive for traditional crops.'
  4. 'Seems like depression does benefit me, I am more productive at work.'
  5. 'Farmers who are able to be productive and prove useful to society will find us cooperative.'
  6. 'In today's tight labor markets, both public and private employers will presumably benefit from being able to keep productive older employees on the job longer.'
  7. 'A retired North Yorkshire farmer has invented a device which could help reduce flooding risks and pollution - while keeping arable land fertile and productive.'
  8. 'The World Wildlife Fund has released a report that assesses our ecological footprint, or the amount of productive land and sea needed to sustain current lifestyles.'
  9. 'In a free market, employers want the most productive work force.'
  10. 'Of course, certain institutions are necessary to become economically productive too, but these are not necessarily political.'
  11. 'For precision organic farming to work, we need to keep our farmers productive and unharmed.'
  12. 'Only by increasing the supply of land available for productive use could the landless be given greater access to it.'
  13. 'In reality, the strength of an economy is determined by the efficiency of its productive sector, not the appetite of consumers.'
  14. 'The productive capacity of the fumigated crops not destroyed is revitalized through the intensive use of fertilizers.'
  15. 'Very fundamentally Marx defines productive labor by its capacity to generate capital in the form of a surplus-value.'
  16. 'Good governance is lacking in most countries that are unable to promote job creation, engage in productive public spending and to stimulate economic growth.'
  17. 'Economic resiliency, productive capacity, labor talent, every one of the economist's buzzwords plays a role in war.'
  18. 'Classifying soil according to its productive capacity has some precedence in most parts of East Africa where property rates are employed.'
  19. 'I describe most of my recent productive activity as making sculptural or object paintings.'
  20. 'The companies face increasingly cutthroat competition and a growing glut in productive capacity both in Japan and globally.'
  21. 'For Smith, wealth was productive capacity, not the accumulation of precious metals.'
  22. 'a long and productive career'
  23. 'This, however, does not mean that achieving a productive scholarly interactivity in a web journal is either easy or straightforward.'
  24. 'The most productive route to achieving a significant across-the-board raise for architects is for us to get involved in the process of developing and building.'
  25. 'The entire developing world can't be invited to the G - 8 table with the expectation that a productive conversation will result.'
  26. 'Moral is low, egos are high and as a result it's not productive for the common good of the whole community.'
  27. 'How, then, are we to get the student to learn the many behaviors that will provide the necessary skills to achieve a productive life?'
  28. 'Freelancing, even after a highly successful and productive career, was not much better unless one was a ‘celebrity’ writer and columnist.'
  29. 'Yet, with help, many improve over time and are eventually able to lead productive lives.'
  30. 'So enclosing the commons is needed to avoid ruin, and to promote productive investments in the land.'
  31. 'There are no female figures in Swann's Way who achieve as artistically productive or as spiritually rewarding an independence as that of Lily Briscoe.'
  32. 'He hasn't been able to do anything productive since he left us and he came back just in time for the birth.'
  33. 'the hotel was not productive of amusing company'
  34. 'Mines in the Pangaeum mountain range were extremely productive of silver and gold.'
  35. 'Once this kind of trust is established, the relationship between the consumer and the medical device company can be productive of real value.'
  36. 'many suffixes are common and productive'
  37. 'The situation characterizes the less productive affixes, such as noun-forming ity or th.'
  38. 'It takes a higher degree of competence, they say, to combine words properly in productive use.'
(of a cough) that raises mucus from the respiratory tract.
  1. 'Lynne, my wife, had a persistent productive cough, fever, and malaise.'
  2. 'Chest infections, productive cough, dyspnea, wheezing, and hemoptysis are common.'


1. having the power of producing; generative; creative: a productive effort.

2. producing readily or abundantly; fertile: a productive vineyard.

3. causing; bringing about (usually followed by of): conditions productive of crime and sin.

4. Economics. producing or tending to produce goods and services having exchange value.

5. Grammar. (of derivational affixes or patterns) readily used in forming new words, as the suffix -ness.

6. (in language learning) of or relating to

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"discussions can be productive for sides."

"works can be productive in pasts."

"wells can be productive from formations."

"times can be productive for people."

"stays can be productive in times."

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Early 17th century: from French productif, -ive or late Latin productivus, from product- ‘brought forth’, from the verb producere (see produce).