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(especially of food) likely to decay or go bad quickly.
  1. 'caviar is extremely perishable'
  2. 'Then I put in perishable foods like rolls and donuts.'
  3. 'All the perishable food would have to be eaten the first day since the fridge had no electricity.'
  4. 'Another factor to keep in mind is that ground beef is highly perishable.'
  5. 'The first mate was in charge on deck, and Devlin, the cook, was cooking up a meal of all the perishable food.'
  6. 'If the room temperature is above 90 F, refrigerate perishable foods within one hour.'
  7. 'Staff have organised two trolley loads of perishable food for the hospice and Santa will be picking up the presents.'
  8. 'The care required for perishable food also raises the costs.'
  9. 'The Pot-in-pot system allows perishable food to be kept for long periods.'
  10. 'More new stores will offer more perishable food than ever.'
  11. 'Don't leave perishable food items to overheat in the boot of your car while you do other shopping.'
  12. 'Second, the performing arts are also perishable products that cannot be returned or resold.'
  13. 'If books are not the most perishable products of human civilization, they have, throughout recorded history, attracted the homicidal attentions of every conquering army.'


Things, especially foodstuffs, likely to decay or go bad quickly.
  1. 'With perishables, you need to turn over your inventory faster, and you have refrigeration issues.'
  2. 'With the focus, by and large, turning to door delivery, in the case of consumer durables as well as perishables, the location factor has been obscured.'
  3. 'The interior was often divided into two or three compartments for different types of cones and canisters of sugar, or other expensive perishables such as coffee and tea.'
  4. 'The nuts were shipped at the higher rate for perishables.'
  5. 'The most likely option is to continue to have the perishables delivered as they currently are instead of integrating them into configured loads.'
  6. 'We have perishables in our hold that are losing value every second I stand here arguing about it.'
  7. 'You may want to take a cooler with ice for perishables.'
  8. 'A number of residents have contacted the council about this and have been told to put extra wrapping on perishables.'
  9. 'Imagine how much easier food storage and transportation would be if perishables didn't have to be refrigerated.'
  10. 'Today I threw out several hundred dollars worth of perishables.'


1. subject to decay, ruin, or destruction: perishable fruits and vegetables. noun

2. Usually, perishables. something perishable, especially food.

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"goodses can be perishable."

"cargoes can be perishable."

"commodities can be perishable."

"foods can be perishable."

"products can be perishable."

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