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Able to make a way through or into something.
  1. 'He has a low, soulful voice with penetrating anger and smarts.'
  2. 'I started wondering about this penetrating chemical presence when some vile organic substance bubbled up from a clogged pipe in our basement floor the day after we moved in.'
  3. 'No longer will your home be plagued by the penetrating effervescence that periodically resounds from the smallest room in the house.'
  4. 'We're looking for ways of penetrating that economic community in an economic fashion.'
  5. 'The sound system rolls out bass like a living beast, penetrating flesh and rattling the ribs beneath.'
  6. 'I rushed into the living room to see poor Graham getting well and truly damp in a fine, penetrating rain.'
  7. 'The peninsula is sandwiched between two sea lochs, Loch Fyne to the west and Loch Long to the east - the latter penetrating inland from the Firth of Clyde.'
  8. 'It's turned suddenly rather cold, in that penetrating way that gets into the bones and takes an awful lot of shifting.'
  9. 'The puma nodded once and stepped outside into the penetrating cold.'
  10. 'Infrared is particularly effective for penetrating thick, murky regions of space and revealing what lies beyond.'
  11. 'her scream was sudden and penetrating'
  12. 'He created music of penetrating sadness and beauty, and with only four solo albums released in his career, he had much more to offer.'
  13. 'Its penetrating tone could carry far and rise above the fracas.'
  14. 'In an instant, he is there once more, with his familiar, intense, penetrating, braying sound.'
  15. 'The horns are very penetrating and to many it is a public nuisance.'
  16. 'Delivering six full songs and other song fragments, her penetrating chest voice and her haunting ornaments in piquant modes were simply stunning.'
  17. 'her penetrating gaze'
  18. 'I looked at the doctor with penetrating eyes and declared, ‘I'll have this baby by midnight!’'
  19. 'He was fairly short, a trifle rotund, with dark penetrating eyes that had a way of roving mercurially over objects under surveillance.'
  20. 'They call him a nobleman, but I knew that you, who see people so clearly with your penetrating eyes, would see him for what he was.'
  21. 'The flames of the many candles were mirrored in his deep, penetrating eyes.'
  22. 'At her mother's penetrating stare, she muttered, ‘sorry’ and inhaled deeply.'
  23. 'Above all, a viewer is made very conscious of the penetrating power of the artist's eyes as he stares into the mirror.'
  24. 'I tried very hard that day, but I could not hear what she heard in his voice nor see what she saw in his starkly penetrating eyes.'
  25. 'Only at nights did he fear the penetrating eyes of his wife.'
  26. 'His hair is a light brown, with very penetrating eyes, and a slightly brooding look.'
  27. 'Her penetrating eyes moved to the two siblings, who apparently caught some hidden meaning that Evelyn didn't at watching the elder's haunting gaze.'
  28. 'By depending on the religious inclination of the general public he has evinced extremely penetrating insight.'
  29. 'He or she allows employees to think for themselves by encouraging them to show initiative, to think critically, to ask penetrating questions about their work.'
  30. 'He has, with sheer penetrating insight, portrayed the decadent values and human failings of his times in simple but effective words.'
  31. 'His penetrating insights into aspects of health policy during the 1950s and 1960s are unsurpassed.'
  32. 'To several cohorts of students in Social Studies 10, I can only say that I learned more from your penetrating questions than I probably ever taught you in tutorial.'
  33. 'Expert adversaries, who have the right to receive public answers to their most penetrating questions, police the scientific method.'
  34. 'Instead, he is most often regarded as a man of penetrating insight.'
  35. 'How could a penetrating or insightful script emerge from such a process, which is more than anything else the working out of different financial and corporate arrangements?'
  36. 'As with all aggregate health care data, these statistics were not designed to answer the most penetrating questions.'
  37. 'What is this penetrating insight that leads us to the direct experience of emptiness?'


1. able or tending to penetrate; piercing; sharp: a penetrating shriek; a penetrating glance.

2. acute; discerning: a penetrating observation.

3. Surgery. noting a wound that pierces the skin, especially a deep wound entering an organ or body cavity.

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"people can be penetrating to degrees."

"oboes can be penetrating in tones."

"oboes can be penetrating in bassoons."

"eyes can be penetrating."

"markets can be penetrating."

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