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A folded pastry case with a savoury filling, typically of seasoned meat and vegetables.
  1. 'Cold vegetable pasty made from mashed potatoes and flour and filled with carrot, potato and beetroot.'
  2. 'Looking at a local London council's school dinner menu brochure, I see pasties, sausages, pizza and processed meat substitutes feature frequently enough to form the staple diet if chosen.'
  3. 'But, more likely, he has decided it is less of a PR risk to leave a journalist eating a solitary crab pasty in the drizzle than to be trapped alone with her and - God forbid - a tongue-loosening bottle of wine.'
  4. 'Then if you are looking for such delicacies as wild boar pate, potted shrimps or simply a venison pasty, the Food Court should be your first stop.'
  5. 'I've always associated it with school meals, so to see it put in a shortcrust pasty is an intriguing way of lifting something that is otherwise quite dull and boring.'
  6. 'The parcel was in fact a huge piece of puff pasty filled with a rather creamy concoction of mushrooms and chestnuts.'
  7. 'Housewives used to make one for each member of the household and mark their initials on one end of the pasty.'
  8. 'Samuel Pepys recorded that on 6 January 1660 he was entertained to dinner ‘which was good, only the venison pasty was palpable beef, which was not handsome’.'
  9. 'One would have thought that your basic, wholemeal, vegetable pasty would have some minor health benefits.'
  10. 'So we go shopping but can't find any item of clothing that both looks good and fits, and end up going home with a pair of tights and a half-eaten pasty.'


(of a person's face) unhealthily pale.
  1. 'I saw my less than perfect figure, pasty face, and emotionless green eyes.'
  2. 'Whereas Christopher, a writer, should be pasty white and horribly pale, like a baker, not tanned like some playboy off a yacht.'
  3. 'He'd darkened a bit from his pale and pasty childhood complexion, but not too much.'
  4. 'Her rosy skin that Danielle had had was now a pale and pasty white.'
  5. 'My skin is varying shades of black and grey, pale and pasty in places, then suddenly dropping off to pitch, dull black, an unhealthy cast.'
  6. 'He had a thin face, a pasty complexion and a long thin nose.'
  7. 'I've lost count of the times I have been stood at the carvery, carving succulent slices of rare beef when some pasty faced carrot nibbler says ‘What's the vegetarian option then?’'
  8. 'His face was pasty and sweat dripped from the end of his nose.'
  9. 'He was described as having ‘a sickly, pasty complexion’.'
  10. 'He was a heavyset man with medium brown hair and a pale, almost pasty complexion.'
Of or like paste.
  1. 'Stir the butter-flour mixture over high heat until it's very thick and pasty and pulls away from the sides of the pan, Remove from heat and stir until smooth.'


1. of or like paste in consistency, texture, color, etc. noun, plural pasties.

2. pasties, a pair of small, cuplike coverings for the nipples of a stripper, nude model, etc.

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"whites can be pasty."

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(pasty)Middle English: from Old French paste(e), based on late Latin pasta ‘paste’.