Adjective "Pan-fried" definition and examples

(Pan-fried may not be an adjective, but it can be used as an adjective, click here to find out.)

Definitions and examples


Fry in a pan in shallow fat.
  1. 'He stores his rainbows on ice and black pepper, then serves pan-fried fillets cooked with portobello mushroom, spring onion, and a Cabernet.'
  2. 'The paratha turned out to be a type of Northern Indian bread, non-leavened just like nan, but made of wheat flour dough that's pan-fried into a thin, soft disc.'
  3. 'He's not a bad cook, in fact he's good at very specific dishes such as salad dressings, pan-fried seafood and pasta.'

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verb (used with object), pan-fried, pan-frying.

1. to fry in a small amount of fat, as in a skillet or shallow pan; sauté.