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(of food or drink) pleasant to taste.
  1. 'If food is reasonably palatable, we tend to eat what is put in front of us.'
  2. 'Any £6 wine from Italy that uses grapes from Old Vines should deliver a very interesting and palatable wine.'
  3. 'I actually had a menu from which to make my meal selection and the food was incredibly palatable.'
  4. 'The distillery's regular version delivers palatable flavours of red fruits, spice and vanilla.'
  5. 'However, the mice did not eat the palatable food long enough or in sufficient quantity to maintain weight.'
  6. 'Most food is equally palatable hot or cold, apart from very high-fat foods, which stick around the mouth unpleasantly when cold.'
  7. 'Try telling any man that his meat's not palatable and see what happens!'
  8. 'You can relish the palatable dishes while enjoying the panoramic view by the beach side.'
  9. 'They offer palatable meat, but have not been sought after in the same way as true lobsters or prawns.'
  10. 'All the drinks below are very palatable, however, and have the ability to be cellared and drunk as required.'
  11. 'a device that made increased taxation more palatable'
  12. 'To make this incursion palatable, he suggested adding about five times the area to the park farther north.'
  13. 'The magazines are chock - full of similar advice, but in a more palatable package.'
  14. 'I propose a framework for a solution that might be palatable to both the military and the CIA.'
  15. 'Gorbachev at this time was moving away from conservatism back to policies more palatable to the democrats.'
  16. 'All these remedies have delightful aromas making them pleasurably palatable.'
  17. 'Central contracts make the current proposed imbalance palatable, assuming money is the only issue for the clubs.'
  18. 'The end of the Cold War has also seen the end of acceptance of trade unions by big business as the palatable alternative to Communism.'
  19. 'These ideas are presented in attractive and palatable ways that suggest warm feelings of inclusion and the celebration of diversity.'
  20. 'Humour makes the truth more palatable, if ultimately the film ends up suggesting that some things shouldn't be laughed off.'
  21. 'In fact, this was merely a ploy to make the government's actual intentions seem more palatable.'


1. acceptable or agreeable to the palate or taste; savory: palatable food.

2. acceptable or agreeable to the mind or feelings: palatable ideas.

More examples(as adjective)

"reforms can be palatable to unions."

"offerings can be palatable to investors."

"trees can be palatable to insects."

"tastes can be palatable to hogs."

"schemes can be palatable by things."

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