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Too ripe; past its best.
  1. 'My lips were split like a pair of overripe tomatoes.'
  2. 'I don't remember whose idea it was, but we began to pick the overripe mangoes and to throw them at the passing cars.'
  3. 'An intricate world of colour, geometric pattern and form, from the blackened seeds of overripe maize, to the strangely ephemeral beauty of a poppy about to burst into flower to the gorgeous spines of a sprig of rosemary.'
  4. 'Never mind about physiological ripeness, I have yet to meet a winemaker who is able to define what is meant by this term, for what is perfect in one vineyard is deemed overripe in another.'
  5. 'Lately, though, there has been so much low-hanging fruit that you can't take a step in any direction without bumping into an overripe mango.'
  6. 'Once it turns clear, the tomato is overripe and flavor diminishes.'
  7. 'Some crops need to be picked everyday: zucchini grows gigantic if left on the vine and cherry tomatoes get overripe.'
  8. 'Increasing temperatures in the French champagne-producing Epernay region are causing grapes to become overripe and too sweet, sparking fears the famous region may no longer be the best place for growing the grapes.'
  9. 'If you want to make top-drawer Zinfandel, planting it in cooler hillside spots is essential, as is restricting its yield and picking before the grapes are overripe.'
  10. 'Throw a couple overripe bananas (we call them giraffe bananas) in the blender along with some milk, plain yogurt and a couple of ice cubes.'
  11. 'an overripe melodrama'
  12. 'The opulence of such clergy as were close to the court expressed itself in the overripe late Gothic of the great collegiate churches at Stirling, Linlithgow, Rosslyn, and Perth.'
  13. 'As for his poetry, it may be a little overripe in places.'


1. too ripe; more than ripe: overripe tomatoes.

More examples(as adjective)

"seasons can be overripe."

"problems can be overripe."

"pears can be overripe."

"melons can be overripe."

"fruits can be overripe."

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