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Arranged or structured in a systematic way.
  1. 'without rules an organized society cannot hold together'
  2. 'Especially in New England, philanthropic giving had become a cooperative and highly organized activity.'
  3. 'Later in the year, the newly organized Office of Strategic Services entered the scene.'
  4. 'If they can defeat an organized, systematic campaign of terror, so can we.'
  5. 'It helped to work my life in a systematic and organized way.'
  6. 'This is a common way of phrasing what is basically a large scale organized street protest.'
  7. 'Conducted tours for organized groups should be arranged in advance.'
  8. 'Included were two of the '70s geometric paintings: rhythmically organized arrangements of truncated circles and rectangles.'
  9. 'As a guideline, children who are able to play an organized sport, such as Little League, are ready to begin a strength training program.'
  10. 'she used to be so organized'
  11. 'This is my major preoccupation at the moment: forgiving myself for not being efficient and organised and sensible.'
  12. 'Murray was very analytical, very organized, and very planned in his coaching philosophy.'
  13. 'I have to be very organized and do everything on the clock throughout the day with a booked schedule.'
  14. 'a repressive regime which crushed organized labour'
  15. 'He transformed the INC from a popular movement into an organized political party.'
  16. 'Those of us who aren't risking our lives shouldn't criticize her because resistance wasn't of the organized political kind that probably would have gotten her killed.'
  17. 'The authors outline the history of organized labour in Canadian politics and the unique relationship established between unions and the party in 1961.'
  18. 'Some Old Leftists spoke of music as laying the foundation for their entrance into organized political groups, or their comfort once there.'
  19. 'But while men have maintained a firm grip on official leadership positions in organized labor, women are gaining power and attention in different ways.'
  20. 'How can you seriously have democracy if you exclude the largest organized political force in the country?'
  21. 'He understood the importance of organized political parties and pursued politics as a career, not simply an avocation.'
  22. 'This article offers a new explanation of the explosive tension by arguing that an organized male political campaign conjoined with a socioeconomic protest led by market women.'
  23. 'Every worker who doesn't join the union is another worker who doesn't pay $500 a year to organized labor's political machine.'
  24. 'The political energy that fueled organized labor in the 1930s simply doesn't exist at the dawn of the twenty-first century.'
  25. 'It is the supporters of these organisations that have the largest organised political presence outside the Labour Party.'


1. affiliated in an organization, especially a union: organized dockworkers.

2. having a formal organization or structure, especially to coordinate or carry out for widespread activities: organized medicine; organized crime.

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"people can be organized for people."

"mesoderms can be organized into hearts."

"churches can be organized in numbers."

"crimes can be organized."

"groups can be organized."

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